May 23, 2024

4 iPhone Problems That You May Encounter and Their Solutions

An extraordinary smartphone, Apple Inc. already sold over a billion iPhones since 2007 when it was first launched to the public. Although Android smartphones have shown significant improvements over the last decade, the iPhone remains a premier example of human’s ability to be creative and innovate. The seamless experience and amazing new features of this smartphone that keep getting better every year and after every iOS update has won the hearts of numerous users around the world.

But while a great product, there could be a few complications like the other smartphones available on the market. From not charging and cannot verify server identity to no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, things can go wrong with this device. It is, after all, still a machine designed to bring convenience to people’s lives. Let’s find out more about the iPhone and the common problems and solutions. 

A Brief History of the iPhone

In 2007, Apple CEO Steve Jobs made history by debuting the first-generation iPhone in the United States and releasing it in other countries in the following years. Featuring a 3.5” multi-touch touchscreen display, headset controls, and various other specs considered to be revolutionary back then, it was hailed as the “Invention of the Year” by Time Magazine. The public was introduced to a couple more innovations. This includes the App Store in 2008, Siri in 2011, and the start of its plus-size models in 2014. 

Since then, Apple Inc. has continued to wow its audience with new iterations every year – from designing game-changing features to improving the quality of its display, battery power, and more. As of this writing, the latest iPhone models are the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, and iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. Many are looking forward to newer models with game-changing new features. 

Common iPhone Problems and Its Solutions

It’s important to note that Apple Inc. has continuously made enhancements to their iPhone models and released iOS updates to enhance security and fix accessibility, battery drain, and other bugs too. But in this article, we’ll talk about the most common problems people have encountered with their iPhones and how to fix them. 

  1. The battery drains fast

If the battery is draining fast, it could be caused by a couple of things, such as an iOS upgrade or the battery already aged and requires a replacement. To fix this problem, you can first carry out a battery check to see if any apps could be drawing excessive battery power and either turn them off or uninstall them and find alternative apps to use. Another solution is to turn off push mail notifications and location services or turn on the “low power mode” to save battery life. There could also be new updates that fix the battery issue. 

  1. iPhone not charging

It’s an inconvenience when you’ve had your phone plugged in for half an hour, only to notice that it isn’t charging. Hit the force restart to see if this solves the problem, but if not, then check if there’s damage or anything stuck on the charging port. If there is, then you could opt for wireless charging. If there isn’t, it could be the cable or the charger. Try using a different cable or charger to see if the problem is solved. If none of the above solutions work, it’s time to head to the Apple Store for a repair or know your options. 

  1. Server Identity cannot be verified

This problem usually occurs in iPhone 8 and older iPhone models, and there are various reasons why this error shows up on your screen whenever you’re trying to connect to your mail. It could be due to software or configuration problems, email migration errors, or a changed server certificate. Some of the fixes you can try are restarting your smartphone or mail app, as well as signing out of your email and in again. 

  1. Overheating iPhone

Another problem that can cause inconvenience to iPhone users is when it overheats. Heavy usage and extreme multi-tasking could be reasons for this to happen and cause potential damage in the long run. Although the device has built-in protections in place to prevent overheating problems, you can avoid this from happening by making sure that you’re not using your phone while it’s charging. You could try using the “low power mode,” which can prolong your battery life too. It’s also possible for some apps to continue running in the background, so make sure to disable these apps. 


Indeed, iPhones are great smartphones. Despite its price tag, the good thing about it is that you can use it for a long time, and still works as seamlessly and swiftly as before. If you ever encounter problems such as the ones discussed above, you can try the solutions provided here. 

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