June 24, 2024

5 Greatest Myths About Writing College Essays

Writing is probably the best part of our life if we cherish the point of view of a reader. Well, readers understand, and they can feel a writer’s skills while they have published and acknowledged the popularity. 

We are living in a world where speed and chaos are going side by side to leave us in despair and busyness. However, we, modern people, always find the area of entertainment in life; without entertainment, we will not be able to cope with the harsh reality, and the students best know it. 

They are not free anymore with the modern education system. It has changed, evolved, and is cumbersome for all the students. They are getting more than one assignment within a single deadline. They are filling the deadline and also rushing in their study process. 

This is not the end, but the students are always in tension due to the huge pressure of studying. However, writing a college essay is a very common task these days. But not all students are comfortable with writing a whole essay on their own. 

But there is no way out to avoid this. The whole thing is related to your final semester and grades as well. So, students do their job and complete their essays without properly knowing if they are doing it in the right way or not. 

Myths And Facts About College Essay Writing

Here we are more focused on the instances of writing a college essay and its related myths that are spread across. One of the major problems of completing a college essay is due to the myths that they follow.

If you are not aware of writing a college essay, you should not follow the myths; otherwise, you will also be on the list of others who have received poor reviews. Keep reading to understand the myths because these will make your work harder. 

There will be confusion and tension because you do not know which is right or wrong. Apart from that, if you follow a myth that lures procrastination, it will be difficult for you to manage the whole thing within the given time. 

Myth 1: Your Topic Needs To Be Sophisticated

This is one of the poor myths of all time regarding college essays. It belongs to academics does not mean you will need to always choose a sophisticated and critical title for your essay paper. 

Not the topic nor the title should always be sophisticated and critical to perspectives. In fact, you can easily go for a simple area to discuss in your essay paper. 

Yes, topics matter a lot for an essay but not necessarily a sophisticated topic. Even the simplest topics with proper discussions can give your essay top-level priority. 

So, it was never about sophistication but more about the clarity and refreshment of the topic. In this competitive market, writing a college essay can be super easy if you choose a simple topic to discuss properly than others. And your college will prefer your paper because of the clarity that you have provided in your essay. 

Myth 2: Every Student Completes Their Essay With Ease

People think that writing a college essay is simple and easy. They think all the students can easily complete an essay and submit it. Even the students can easily assume that before thinking about the essay paper. 

But the real scenario is different. You will find yourself in the middle of real chaos and with a huge lack of time. Well, writing a college essay is not like completing a short story in school. It is more comprehensive and research-based, which also focuses on the quality of your essay writing skills. 

So, get out of the myth that everyone is capable of writing a good essay and start preparing yourself for completing the essay in advance. 

Myth 3: No One Reads The Whole Essay

This is another myth that you might have heard many times just before the exams that examiners do not read full answers but the beginning and the end. 

Well, this is not wholly true. In fact, it depends on the particular person who is dealing with the paper. But with college essays, you will find yourself in great danger if you follow this myth. 

Improve your writing skills and make sure that you have given the same sort of importance to complete your whole college essay. The professors will check throughout the essay to know your writing skills and elaborative skills. 

Myth 4: Your Writing Style Should Be Complex

No one ever asked for complex writing because the professors knew the reader’s point of view. Essays are like the explanations a reader wants to understand. Yes, it is in academics, and you have to use some prominent and formal language to impress the professors. 

But that does not mean you have to be complex throughout your essay paper. In fact, becoming complex with your sentences will decrease the readability of the paper. This is not good for any form of essay, including academic college essays. 

While writing an essay, you will not be able to form a good connection with complex languages. So, it’s better to go for forming simple sentences and keep the structure relevant to the topic. 

Myth 5: Professor Will Not Know If Your Essay Is Plagiarized 

Many students still think that professors do not use plagiarized tools. Well, not everyone is using this tool, but institutions have started detecting plagiarism through tools. You might get stuck with your college essay if you do not check it prior to submission. 

But what if you do not have a plagiarism account on a proper tool?

Well, some institutions might now allow free tools for plagiarism checking because they are not appropriate. So, the only solution is to go for freshessays.com because they use all the advanced tools and provide essay papers with 0 plagiarism. 

This can be your chance to get admitted to your dream college by providing a proper essay without plagiarism. 

Follow these steps and avoid the myths deliberately, and you will be able to complete the essay paper within the deadline.

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