May 19, 2024

5 New Year’s Resolutions for an Online Rummy Player


Rummy is one of India’s most popular and entertaining card games. The game has been played for ages, and it has become an integral part of Indian culture. Previously it was only possible to play this engaging card game using paper cards between your known circles. With the blessing of the internet, you can play Rummy online nowadays. That allows you to play against your friends and unknown live opponents. Besides, all this can happen by maintaining the social distance and other safety norms in this post-pandemic era. Playing with new and unknown opponents ensures a continuous improvement in your gameplay.


There is no doubt playing thrilling card games such as Rummy, Solitaire, Poker against different players is pure fun but at the same time, it can become addictive as well. The different formats and variants of the card game engage monetary involvements and provisions of winning cash prizes. But you need to remember that the ultimate goal is to have fun and not earn money. In case you become addicted, it can be fatal. According to the Times of India, addiction to the game can even create death scenarios.  


You need to be careful while playing Rummy online and set your limits. This article shall discuss five New Year’s resolutions for an online Rummy player to balance fun and addiction.

Don’t Let The Game Spoil Your Schedule


We all have a daily schedule to maintain a work-life balance. However, we had already altered that schedule to cope with the post-pandemic scenario. For example, the time allotted for the journey from your home to office has now been allocated for some other purpose. That other purpose can vary from increasing the work from home hours to devoting more time to your garden or children.


Forget about the weekdays; they seemed to happen a decade ago if you think about your earlier weekend plans. The time you spent with your friends and colleagues in the pubs and cinemas is now spent at home. That may allow you to watch an extra web series or play a few extra hours of online games.


Whether it is a weekday or weekend, you need to distribute your time between your work and leisure. It would help if you allotted a specific time for each activity, including playing Rummy online. If you are a Rummy enthusiast, it is essentially important for you. Otherwise, the game is engaging enough to spoil your daily schedule. Unless a specific time is set to play the game, you will play for hours, neglecting other daily courses. That can even hamper your profession.

Plan Your Monthly Stake For Rummy


As the various formats and variants of online Rummy offer you the opportunity to win prizes by investing a certain stake, it becomes vital for any enthusiast to control his greed. The first and foremost thing a Rummy enthusiast should remember is the purpose of playing the game. The online Rummy is solely designed to provide you with thrill and fun. The only purpose behind the involvement of monetary gain is to make playing Rummy more interesting and engaging. Keep that in mind and decide on a monthly stake to invest in the game. Whether you make more money or lose the entire amount, you need to stick to your budget. Greed can prove fatal for you. On the other hand, chasing a win can cause even bigger losses for you.

Practice Makes Your Game Perfect


Like any other activity, your Rummy gameplay also improves with practice. If you want to master the game, you must play practice matches as many as possible. That will help you hone your skills and develop logical reasoning for the game. That is essential for rational decision-making while playing tournaments. Veteran players participate in the tournaments, and winning against them could be a big challenge without playing enough practice matches. In addition, the practice matches provide you with the power of perfect hand analysis. That plays a crucial role in your success in any big Rummy tournament.

Break The Monotony


If you have been playing free online Rummy games for some time now and are habituated to play a specific variation, it can become boring. You can take a resolution to break the monotony and try out other game variations. Cash games can be more engaging than the free format, provided you pay the minimal entry fee. 


The Rummy card game is offered in three different variations. First, you can start playing the ‘Point’ variation and gradually shift to ‘Pool’ and ‘Deals’ variation. Then, if you master any of these variations, you can quickly learn the other types. 


Rummy tournaments offer huge cash prizes to win, which can easily lure you. Remember, you need to play enough practice matches and gain confidence playing cash games before entering a tournament. You need to give your best performance to beat the experts in those tournaments.

Proper Utilization Of Rewards And Bonuses


If you decide to play online Rummy cash games, you can avail yourself of different bonuses. When you register online and deposit the minimum amount to play Rummy, you can get a joining bonus. The amount may vary depending on the platform you choose. You can play cash games with your deposit and bonus to win prizes.


Once you’re winning prize reaches a certain amount, you can opt to play for tournaments. By that time, you will gain more experience playing cash Rummy games. You can bag huge prizes once you win a tournament. Besides, you can refer the platform to your friends and family. Once they join using your referral link, you earn a referral bonus. The amount of these bonuses gradually increases as you level up your game.



Playing online Rummy can add some ultimate fun to your boring schedule. However, enough practice is advised before choosing a cash game or tournament. Besides, it would help to differentiate between enjoyment and addiction to keep the right balance.

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