May 23, 2024

6 Accessories to Take your Fashion to the Next Level 2021

6 Accessories to Take your Fashion to the Next Level 2021

Accessories are a huge part of tying together any outfit and any style statement. Without the right accessories, you cannot have the complete outfit that you have always dreamed of. You need to know which accessories are stylish each year to stay on top of the current trends.

Just like clothing, accessories come in and out of style and the combinations of unique pieces that you pair together can also greatly impact your ability to connect with current style choices. This is why it is so important to know which style notes and fashion accessories are relevant each year. No matter what you are wearing with your accessories, you will feel like you are out of step with the current styles if you are wearing the wrong added pieces in your look.

If you want to know which accessories you need to wear in 2021 to take your fashion to the next level, you need to read on!

Accessories to Take your Fashion to the Next Level 2021

1.       Mini Bags

These little purses have made a huge comeback this year and they are a welcome addition to any outfit. Even men are getting in on the action by adding small murse-style bags to the mix or grabbing cute little backpack-style purses. These mini bags come in all shapes and sizes and colors and you can pick from chic as well as casual styles for your personal needs.

This is a great way to carry just the essentials with you and free yourself from the heavy bag that is full of all kinds of items that you might need. We are going out less these days, so having a huge bag weighing down your shoulder is a no-go. Grab a cute mini bag and head out the door with less weight on your shoulders.

2.       Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry, including necklaces, bangles, earrings, and custom rings for women, has never been more popular. Everything is being sold in silver this year, and it’s no surprise why. Silver is such a classic choice because it can match almost anything you want it to go with. You can add notes of color and pops of gold for added interest, or simply wear all of your jewelry in silver this year.

Wearing lots of rings is a big style note for this season, so if you love to wear rings on all your fingers, you will be totally on point with your style. Pick layered necklace styles as well for your nights out, or consider fun silver headbands and hair clips as well.

3.       Hats

Hats are very stylish this year, and classic styles like the cloche and the fedora are at the top of the list. You will love being able to just tuck your hair up under a fun hat and hit the town! Hats are full of personality and you can get animal print, colorful, or even sedate styles for your needs.

If you love hats and have had to take a little style break from wearing them, this is the perfect moment for you to jump back on the hat bandwagon! Hats are very easy to use for accessorizing and you can top off any outfit with a fun hat. There is no shortage of hat styles, so grab as many of these unique style pieces as you need for your various activities and outfits.

The best thing about hats is that they are perfect for everyone. You can purchase oversized hats for larger heads or for full heads of hair. Or, look for adjustable options to accommodate any size head or thread a ponytail through.

4.       Watches

While smartwatches have been the go-to choice for many people for years now, this year, having a classic timepiece on your wrist is the way to go. There is something just immensely attractive and fun about a retro watch on your wrist that will tie together serious and fun outfits with ease.

Picking up a simple timepiece is not expensive and you might find that you appreciate the break from the smartwatch interruptions that using an old-fashioned watch will give you. Pick from all kinds of styles from classic leather bands and simple watch faces to fun zany styles that were popular in the 90s. Wearing a real watch is a definite trend for 2021.

5.       Chunky Belts

Oversize belts are hugely popular this year and you can pick up a belt in all kinds of styles. Large leather belts or thick and soft cloth belts pair well with almost anything. As midriff shirts have come back into style, a large belt with some sparkle and some personality can make it easy to elevate this look to an evening one with ease.

There is something delightfully fun about wearing a unique belt and the current trend for high-waisted pants makes it very easy to finish your look with an iconic piece that draws attention. Belts come in all shapes and sizes, and the large belts that people are wearing this year really make a style statement.

6.       Dangly Earrings

The last time that large earrings were so popular, Mariah Carey was just starting to top the charts. It is so fun to see hoops and large dangly earrings back in style. Everyone who kept these earrings can break them back out and have fun again, but you can also pick up many different styles of these kinds of earrings right now.

Fun shapes and styles are everywhere and you might find that you have trouble picking which large and dangly earring is your favorite. This accessory is here to stay for a while, so investing in a few of these sets of earrings is the perfect way to elevate your fashion for 2021, no matter what you are wearing.

2021 Offers Lots of Fun Style Experiences

There are lots of really great accessory styles that have come to the forefront this year and you will be able to enjoy all of them as you go out on the town, head to work, or just hang out at home. From hats to dangly earrings and belts, you will be able to elevate even the most basic outfit to fashion icon status with ease.



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