May 23, 2024

9 Adventurous Places to Visit with Family

Whether it’s discovering ancient Mayan temples in Belize or tracking elephants in South Africa, below is the list of best vacation stops for those families who want to spend some time together exploring the world.

1. Grand Canyon rafting

Rafting 277 miles through the Grand Canyon represents the ultimate American adventure – crossing rivers by day and sleeping beneath the stars by night. 

Trips for families here are safe, hassle-free, and ruggedly fun. In eight days of rafting down this ancient river, you’ll get to see what explorers in the 19th century saw – see eagles soar over canyons that depict the past geology of the Earth. In addition, you will eat well, sleep comfortably, and experience some rough white waters. You will be required to wear life jackets needed at all times. Even though the rides are flexible, children aged eight and older are recommended to take this trip with a supervisor.

2. Pigeon Forge in Tennessee

It is one of those places that are convenient, offer lots of kid-friendly activities, and aren’t too expensive. No matter your age, you can enjoy all the thrilling activities here and have as much fun as your kids. From enjoying snow tubing Pigeon Forge rides to exploring the mountains on zip lines, this place has something for every family member. 

The most popular here are the lumberjack events that adds to the fun with log rolling, boom running and speed climbing. You can also enjoy bungee jumping and tree climbing here.

3. Sightseeing in South Africa 

You can never forget your first encounter with a roaring lion on African plains. The sight of a giraffe running in the open and a leopard stalking its prey will also stay with you forever. It’s an experience you’ll never forget, and the whole family can experience these together. 

Parents can feel at ease bringing their kids to the lodge since it is located in a malaria-free zone near the Kalahari. Madikwe welcomes children of all ages (although, for safety reasons, children under the age of two must not go on game drives). The kids will love the play areas and animal activities, while the adults will enjoy the fine dining.

4. Take a wild ride in Texas

Texas Horseback Adventures provides a true taste of cowboy life for you and your family. You can spend the night in a canvas tent on a ranch that spans an expansive area of the West Texas desert and wake up surrounded by wide open spaces where horses roam free. 

If you take the service of a guide here, they will make sure to serve you a cowboy breakfast cooked over an open fire, followed by a ride. On this real horse lover’s journey, you’ll trek for miles, sometimes up rocky mountains, to see jaw-dropping views of Mexico’s ridges. Despite this, Cantrell has the ability to tailor the ride to suit anyone, no matter their level or schedule. This is a great adventure if your kids love horses and don’t mind getting dirty.

5. Ecotourism in Belize

Take a horseback excursion to Mayan temples, explore the archeological caves full of pottery shards at the Black Rock Lodge in Belize, or canoe down the Macal River. At Black Rock, an eco-lodge in the rainforest, kids learn not just about the rainforest, but also resource conservation in general. 

Everyone gets to unplug together since there is no TV or internet connection. When you can see three different kinds of toucans before breakfast, who needs their gadgets? Belize is best visited in late April through September when temperatures can be quite hot.

6. Embark on a Caribbean cruise

Are you bored with the usual beach vacations? Venture out to the open ocean. It is an excellent adventure regardless of whether you are an expert yachtsman or prefer to hire the services of a skipper. 

It is safe to launch your first sailing trip with your family in the British Virgin Islands because of the gentle winds and the close proximity of the islands. A boating company can teach you everything you need to know, as well as provide you with a crew and suggestions for sailing from island to island. 

7. Discover Jamaica without the internet

Rent a house in the jungles near Ocho Rios on the northern coast of Jamaica instead of going to a mega-resort. There is only sporadic internet service at Cabarita Lookouts, so guests can trade in their screen time for hiking under waterfalls, jumping from cliffs into clear pools, or hunting seashells on a remote black sand beach. 

Parents can relax in their rental property because a cook and driver are often included – without the crowds or expenses associated with all-inclusive resorts. For a nautical adventure that your kids will love, you and your family can swim along the shores of Dolphin Cove.

8. Surfing Camp in San Diego

Taking your kids surfing also means laughing together, wallowing, and experiencing the thrill of riding your first wave together – and there’s no better feeling than that. For a memorable first family surfing experience, choose someone who will encourage you as well as keep you safe. 

The hardest part of surfing is understanding the waves. To surf safely, you need to understand the proper technique and etiquette of the sport, which your guidance provider can teach. 

9. Marrakech Riads for rent

Discover Marrakech, where the locals are known for their love of children. Experience the cultural phenomenon with your children. Here you can watch the snake charmers, listen to the Arabic and Berber storytellers entertain the crowd (even if you don’t understand the plot, it is still fun to watch) and eat tagines and couscous at the food stands that are set up at night. 

Several riads or traditional Moroccan homes are affordable options for large families. Many of these homes are decked out with mosaic tiles, cushioned alcoves and ample gardens. Enjoy a donkey ride, a visit to a traditional souk and mosque, and the beautiful call to prayer from the muezzin. There is nothing more captivating than a trip to North Africa.

Final Words

Taking a family vacation is both wonderful and challenging. Although there are downsides, such as meltdowns, fatigue, and endless questions from kids, there is still a silver lining. It is being able to see the world from their perspective. Start your vacation off on the right foot with one of these destinations as all these places offer a wide variety of activities for kids, and are, most importantly, affordable.

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