May 23, 2024

9 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Luxury Watch

9 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Luxury Watch


Your journey of owning a luxury timepiece does not end once you paid for it. It is the beginning of it, if at all. As a new watch owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your timepieces are always in good condition. It will start by learning some of the most effective tips in keeping your watch well-maintained.


We will list down some of the most helpful yet simple ways to make sure that your timepieces will continue ticking. Let us take a look at each of them.


1. Learn more about the brand’s warranty

Just like any other gadget, a luxury timepiece also comes with warranty service. As an owner, you need to know which services are covered by the warranty. For instance, if you have a Hublot watch, its warranty service is different from Tissot, Rolex, and any other watch. But regardless of whichever services are covered, the warranty is included in the amount that you paid. Hence, it is worthy to know how to use it.


2. Clean it right after wearing

One of the simplest ways to maintain it is to clean it right after you wear it, especially if you wear it the whole day. Watches are attached to your wrist, which means it is exposed to different kinds of elements. To make sure that the back dial and straps are protected, make it a habit to wipe them with a damp cloth before storing them at the end of the day. In that way, you can be sure that the dirt and dust will not accumulate.


3. Avoid exposing it to magnets

As you may already know, watches are made with the smallest materials and gears. This makes it susceptible to damage when exposed to magnets. As much as possible, avoid exposing it to this kind of element because there is a high chance that it will affect your watch’s movement.


4. Keep it away from extreme sunlight

Another element that can ruin your watch is extreme sunlight. Unless your timepiece is specially made for outdoor activities, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. The heat that’s coming from the sun also hurts your watch’s performance. If your timepiece is exposed to this element, it may start building rust which slows the movement of your watch’s gears.


5. Refrain from using chemicals

Whether for a regular or scheduled cleaning, avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your timepiece. Watch manufacturers use high-end metals in creating these luxury timepieces. Hence, not all types of metal cleaners will work on your watch. It’s still best to use water when cleaning. However, if you prefer to use cleaning chemicals, it’s best to ask the watch manufacturer to get a more accurate solution.


6. Understand your watch’s movement

Before you own a luxury timepiece, it’s important to understand the different watch movements. This will help you understand how you can manage your timepiece effectively. It will also help you know when it needs maintenance. Battery-powered timepieces are the easiest to manage. Once it stops working, you just need to change the batteries. However, if you are using a self-winding watch, you need to wind it regularly to maintain optimum performance. This process has to be done regularly, otherwise, the watch will lose its momentum.


7. Know more about water resistance

Using a water-resistant watch does not mean that you are free to use it on all water-related events. Every water-resistant timepiece has different levels of tolerance when exposed to water. If you are wearing a watch with about 30m resistance, it is only best to wear it on minimal exposure to water such as splashes or a quick swim. The higher the water resistance, the longer or deeper it can go.


8. Use the original box for storage

Luxury watches come with elegant boxes when sold. These boxes are not only for display because they have a purpose. Once you open the box, you will notice that it has a pillow-like material inside to keep the watch safe from any sudden movements. As much as possible, use this box when storing your luxury timepieces. Unless you have professionally designed watch storage, the boxes are always the best choice.


9. Do not repair it yourself

Under no circumstance should you try to repair the watch yourself. These timepieces are crafted by experts in watchmaking. It makes it a little complicated for a layman to fix it. When your watch gets broken, it is best to send it for repair.


Keep your timepieces well-maintained

Aside from the fact that you have already spent tens of thousands of dollars on your timepiece, it is valuable. As much as possible, always keep your timepieces well-maintained. Because no matter how durable the materials are and how high the level of craftsmanship is used in manufacturing the watch, it will not last unless you take good care of it.

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