May 19, 2024

Considering Dropping Out of College? 10 Tips to Find Motivation to Continue Studying

Considering Dropping Out of College? 10 Tips to Find Motivation to Continue Studying

Sooner or later, all students face apathy. You don’t see the point in studying; all homework seems like complete nonsense, and laziness is almost impossible to beat. And it might seem that the only way to end all this nightmare is to drop out of college.


Boredom and frustration, loss of confidence, anxiety – unfortunately, many face these problems. But we know how to make you see sense again! And for this, we have prepared a step-by-step guide.


Discover The Reasons

Let’s agree: it is very difficult to stay motivated for a long time. Sometimes, a strong impetus is enough to lose all determination. Here’s what could happen to you:


  • Not seeing how you will use the acquired knowledge;
  • A damaged relationship with a teacher. If you fear them or feel a strong antipathy, of course, it discourages any desire to learn;
  • Knowledge gaps. If you’ve been absent from class, it can lead to a misunderstanding of further topics. That is why students often rely on research paper writer at Essaypro to avoid feeling confused. With an experienced helper, you can easily take your academic performance under control.
  • Lack or overabundance of communication. Without friends, you feel isolated (especially when it comes to distance learning), and if there are too many friends around, your energy batteries are quickly discharged;


It is quite possible that by working through one of these problems, you will regain your motivation back.

Set A Clear Goal

When you do something, you must be aware of why you are doing it, right? 


So, did you enroll in college to get a diploma and find a job in your dream country? To earn enough to not worry about money at all? To realize all your creative plans?


Studying in college is a real springboard. Here’s an interesting technique. Take a sheet of paper and sketch out a step-by-step path from the present state of affairs to the place where you want to be in life. Perhaps the necessary steps will be to finish the school year with excellent grades, find an internship, show yourself well and get brilliant recommendations. Then, to get a job at a prestigious company and, years later, build your own business.


And here’s some more good advice. Imagine the version of yourself that already has a great job and whose wishes have come true. What can that version of you tell you?

Find What Excites You

Expanding your horizons is a wonderful option to restore your motivation to study. It will sound obvious, but the more you know, the more confident you are, and others can feel your attitude too.


In addition, you can always find something interesting around. If you love writing scripts, join a drama club. Or why not go to a speaking club, or do some volunteer work on campus?


Plus, speak to your teachers about some individual projects. Do you adore the Middle Ages? Then, offer them to write a paper about the Inquisition. 


In a word, find a way to talk about what inspires you.

Study With Someone You Like

As they say, by the hands of many, great work is made light. Studying together, you and your friends can help each other figure out difficult topics, practice memorization techniques and just share positive energy. Organize study sessions in a cafe or park. With the right company and in the right place, the process will go many times faster.

Reward Yourself

Have you passed the test successfully? Got praise for your homework? Cool, because intellectual work requires a lot of strength and energy. So, be sure to give yourself a gift for the path you have traveled. Really, buying yourself jewelry, watching movies, or going to the theater can be a way to treat yourself. You definitely deserve it!

Avoid Distractions

The human brain is not able to multitask as many believe. When receiving an excessive amount of information, we may feel trapped. In such cases, you should direct your energy to one activity. This step will guarantee you a good mood and enthusiasm. 

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Constantly comparing yourself to your super productive group mates will only make you feel depressed. Comparisons don’t really make sense since we only see what other people allow us to see. We don’t know at what cost they have gained success and what predispositions they have. Each of us is strong in our own way. So, the only person you can compare yourself with is you. 


We are not saying to give up the rivalry. Just don’t let your valuable energy be put into something senseless.

Find A Mentor

It’s cool to find someone who can motivate you to study well. It can be a teacher, a parent, or just a close friend. Such a person will inspire you to get knowledge and then use it for your own good.


If you choose your professor for this role, feel free to ask them more questions. You can also ask for additional tasks and extra materials for reading.

Create A Peaceful Atmosphere

What if you associate learning with something terrible because you studied in inappropriate conditions? In the hustle and bustle before class or in the kitchen where your roommates have endless conversations? Well, these are not the best places to concentrate.


Instead, try to motivate yourself through aesthetics. Tidy up your room and buy some awesome notebooks and stationery. Light some candles, and don’t forget about lo-fi beats.


Turn off your phone, and if your neighbors are disturbing you or it’s noisy outside, use earplugs. In a calm environment, you will focus well and learn a lot.

Do Everything In Advance

Do yourself a favor. If you need to complete some assignments, don’t delay until the last moment. Indeed, everything can happen, from a Wi-Fi not working to an unplanned test or an urgent request from your mom.


This way, you protect yourself from unnecessary stress and anxiety and increase the chances of getting a good grade. Such a result motivates you to try even harder.

Key Takeaways

Unfortunately, many students go through a crisis when all their efforts seem in vain. Yes, college doesn’t always provide up-to-date knowledge and doesn’t guarantee you a high-paid job. But it will help you develop a lot of soft skills that you will use to make your dreams come true.


First, at school, you present projects in front of the class and the professor (as you will do in the future in front of colleagues, clients, and bosses). Second, you find a common language with others, learn to manage time, and be more assertive. All these abilities, coupled with a knowledge base, are essential to go through life fearlessly. 


Not to mention the database of contacts that you create. Who knows, maybe your friends will be your future business partners or will assist you in finding a job? The world is a big village, and you never know what fate has in store.

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