July 17, 2024

Discourse: the path to harmony

Discourse: the path to harmony 


Dialogue is one of the most important tools of intellectual, cultural, social, and economic communication that life requires in contemporary society, because of its impact on developing the ability of individuals to joint thinking, analysis and inference,  knowledge, and awareness. It is a method of collective thinking and intellectual criticism that leads to the generation of new ideas and distance from stagnation. Dialogue acquires its importance from being a means of harmony and cooperation, and an alternative to misunderstanding, confinement, and arbitrariness.


Dialogue, by definition, is a mental intellectual process that takes place between two or more people, to discuss and debate a specific topic to reach a specific goal. The contemplator of our daily life finds that dialogue is a cornerstone of our lives. In our time, the dialogue takes place through social networks or sites that promote the dissemination of opinions like The Doe.


Through the general concept of dialogue, it marginalizes a mono-thinking culture and the exclusion practiced by some towards the other, which helps to identify the opinions presented and the reasons for putting them forward to facilitate the dialogue through them to reach the expression of the opinion and its validity and the establishment of the argument on the other side.


The importance of dialogue appears as an important human need in which a person communicates with others to convey his or her views, ideas, experiences, and values, and peoples are in dire need of transmitting their civilization through dialogue. Dialogue helps a person to strengthen the social aspect of his/her personality through dialogue with others and his communication with them. Also, the era in which we live has become a necessity for man to realize the skill of dialogue.


One of the benefits of dialogue is that it helps to present ideas from both sides, arguments, and evidence for the correctness of the path they are walking, as it removes lies and makes the interlocutor able to present its reasons and objectives and clarify suspicions. It is easy for a person to invite the other party to something in a civilized and effective manner, as he or she presents everything he/she has comfortably. Dialogue can bring viewpoints closer, eliminate gaps between the interlocutors, and put away animosity between them.


Dialogue is capable of spreading knowledge and cultures, enhancing the number of information interlocutors have about certain topics. In addition to spreading intimacy and love among humans, and making good relationships and friendships.


The interlocutor plays a major role, during the dialogue, with his or her talents, culture, and clarity in the desired goal.


Dialogue may help to the search for ways of coexistence and community cohesion, and the creation of a social contract that seeks to organize the affairs of a society that includes members of different components. Through dialogue between the government and its people on the one hand, and between societal components among themselves on the other, it is possible to correct the relationship between society and the state and rebuild a better system.


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