April 17, 2024

Dominoes Gold: Learn how it works

Dominoes Gold is one of the real money games that give you the chance to compete and earn real cash prizes. The good news is that you can use your phone to play these games. A classic dominoes game is usually great for passing some time while having quality time with your friends or family members. 

With certain gaming apps, you can decide to play this app at any time and anywhere as long as you own a compatible mobile device. If you are good at this game, you can use your skills to win real cash. Dominoes Gold allows you to compete with other players for prizes which can include gift cards, products, and money. This article discusses Dominoes Gold.  

Understanding Dominoes Gold

As explained earlier, Dominoes Gold is just a gaming app that you can find on iOS devices via the App Store as well as Samsung Galaxy devices via the Galaxy Store. The Grey Square Games created this game alongside the Gin Rummy Gold app which is a popular gin rummy game that you can find on the App Store. 

The Skillz platform has Dominoes Gold. Remember that Skillz refers to a mobile games platform that assists to connect a group of players from across the globe through gaming competitions. Therefore, through this platform, Dominoes Gold can offer players cash tournaments and the chance to win actual-world prizes. The truth is that Skillz has hosted many tournaments and offered players tons of cash in prizes. There are also other popular Skillz games that include Solitaire Cube, Pool Payday, and Blackout Bingo. 

How Dominoes Gold works

If you had the chance of playing the classic board game, then you may be familiar with the features of Dominoes Gold and its gameplay. It has some game modes that require you to face a computer or real opponent. Your goal is to have the highest score during the match so that you can beat your opponent’s scores. In a computer match, you can compete with the score of another person who is also playing against a computer. In such cases, the person with the higher score against the computer can win the game.

There are some basic rules you have to follow to play Dominoes Gold. Firstly, you need to match the ends of Dominoes. Besides the initial domino, you may only put a domino next to a domino end with a matching number. For instance, you can place a five next to another five or a four next to a four. 

You need to create a multiple of five, and to score points, the board’s ends must be a multiple of five. Remember that this can include 5, 10, 15, and many more. You can receive points that are equal to the multiple of these fives that you created. And, if the board’s end adds up to 15, you can receive 15 points.

You should also draw from the boneyard. And, if you still have a hand of tiles but have nowhere to put them, then you can draw the tiles from the boneyard pile until when you have a tile. Also, you must get a Domino. If you utilize all the tiles that are in your hand before the other player, you can take points from the opponent, especially if they still have eligible tiles in their hand. Even better, you have the chance to start the next round. 

You usually have at least 7 minutes for Dominoes Gold matches. The match can end if this time elapses or any player reaches the required score which can be 100. Remember that you can get a time bonus to the final score when you still have enough time left before the match finishes. You can also get extra points depending on the difference between you and the score of your opponent.  

Dominoes Gold has different game modes. All these game modes tend to have an entry fee regardless of whether it’s Z coin or your cash advance. You should note that Z coins are usually quite easy to earn and can allow you to play practice games. With practice games, you can earn tickets, medals, or more Z coins.

But to play in cash modes, you need to have an available cash balance. You can usually earn some cash bonuses by referring your friends or even family members to play the game or you can redeem tickets using the Skillz rewards store. 

You can find many competitive dominoes tournament modes. This includes practice where you can use Z coins to play against another person for prizes like league medals, tickets, and Z coins. 

There is also head-to-head where you utilize your cash balance to play against another player for prices. The prices can include league medals, cash, and tickets. Also, there are brackets that require you to utilize your cash balance to play against several other players to win prizes. The prices include league medals, cash, and tickets. 

With real-time matches, you can choose your stakes, which can be either cash or Z coins to play against another person in live matches for prizes like cash or Z coins. Lastly, there are events where you can utilize your cash balance to play against other people for a portion of a prize pool. The prize can include tickets and cash. Take note that events are often timed and can have no player limit. 

When you have finished playing a number of games which can be three games, you are included in the rankings of the league. This puts you into practice or pro categories or even both, though it depends on the types of these game modes that you played. The league ranking can offer you a prize pool when it comes to the highest-ranked participants, which can be cash for pro players and Z coins for practice players. You can improve your league ranking by earning medals with each win applicable to the game mode. Also, you can have a better chance of winning prizes and improve your ranking by earning more medals.   


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