July 17, 2024

Healthy Catering In NYC: Top Catering Brands Ranked

When you are in New York City, you will never run out of options for healthy eating. Healthy eating is becoming mainstream now. 


Although we always crave the taste, at the same time, we also understand that we will become what we will eat. And that is why more and more people are making healthy eating a habit. Along with that, restaurants are offering healthy menus that are vegetarian-friendly, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free. When it comes to healthy eating, New York City has options to try on. But what will you do when you are planning an event and need catering services? You obviously can not rely on those traditional caterers because they might not understand the whole concept of healthy eating. You need to search for healthy catering services in New York. When your guest is prioritizing their health, you just can not serve them anything. After all, you have to be a good host and consider their likes and dislikes. 

Top Healthy Catering Brands Ranked In NYC

If you are feeling clueless after starting your search for healthy catering in New York City, here we are to help you. We have curated a list of the top healthy catering brands in. Now, let’s get the names and call them one by one. 


You might have heard the name or might also have visited the place in search of some delicious healthy food and catering in New York City. But what you might not know is that Honeybrains also offers additional services. 


Their food menu is created 100% on the basis of neuroscience facts, and they also design every meal for overall well-being. Apart from their deliciously healthy food options, Honeybrains also offer brainbars, nutrition-based supplements, and healthful homemade juices. 


When you are looking for only healthy catering options, you can definitely contact them and ask about what their offerings are. Along with catering, they also offer the following. 


  • Bartender services. 
  • Beverage catering. 
  • Buffet catering. 
  • Breakfast and brunch catering. 


Here, you will get kosher options in addition to vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. 

Roe & Marrow

You must have heard the name Roe & Marrow, the boutique restaurant that offers fine dining. But let us tell you that they also offer quality catering services. So, in case you are planning for any family function or other events, you can try their catering. 


They are also up for serving you in any private event. In the luxury of fine dining, you will get gluten-free, vegan-friendly options. They basically provide the following services. 


  • Lunch catering. 
  • Party catering. 
  • Event catering. 
  • Corporate catering. 
  • Buffet catering.


Food Trends

Food Trends is a special one, as it is completely owned by an independent woman. And that amazing woman always ensures that New York city is eating healthy and staying healthy. That is why, along with delivery, Food Trends also offer healthy catering services. 


Their gluten-free, vegetarian-friendly, and vegan-friendly options will definitely win your guests’ minds. Whether it is a small get-together, a big fat wedding, or a fundraising event, whatever the purpose and event are, you can rely on Food Trends. 

Fallier Food

First, let’s get to know what Fallier Food has to offer you. 


  • Wedding catering. 
  • Private parties.
  • Corporate events.
  • Holiday catering. 
  • Lunch catering.
  • Dinner catering.
  • Bartender services.
  • Breakfast and brunch catering. 
  • Social events, and a lot more. 




So, you see, they are ready to get you covered with their healthy, vegetarian-friendly, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free eating options. 

The Private Kitchen

The Private Kitchen is a locally owned and operated kitchen which is impressively working on the eco-friendly business. You just need to tell them how many guests you are expecting and your food choices and they will give you a free estimation. 


Just like any other healthy catering in New York City, The Private Kitchen also has gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and vegetarian-friendly eating options. They are capable of covering dinner catering, lunch catering, and event catering. 

Cocktail Caterers

Though the name offers a witty vibe, they are responsibly working towards building a healthier New York with healthy eating options. Along with catering options, they also can deliver healthy meals to your doorstep. 


It means you can ask for a delivery and try their menu before hiring them for any event. If you do not have enough time to wait for an appointment and visit, you also can go with the visual consultation. 



When it comes to living a healthy life, it’s always important to start your day with something heavy and fiber-rich. This will keep you full all-day long and help you get through the whole morning energetically. Then, you can have a light meal when you get time during your lunch break. And, end your day with a mild dinner as well. Eating a little too heavy at night might cause indigestion or diarrhea as well.

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