June 5, 2023

How much does PMP Certification Cost?

 PMP certification cost will always depend upon the type of institution which the people are choosing, mode of training and the country in which the candidates are interested to train themselves. The project management professionals training will always help in providing the people with proper exposure to the best practices in the industry in terms of leading, managing and directing the projects. This particular certification has been provided by the project management institution which enjoys global recognition in the whole industry and also includes different kinds of components in the whole process.


 Following is the comprehensive overview of the PMP certification cost:


 According to the project management institute to complete the PMP certification people need to undertake 35 hours of training and the first component of the PMP certification cost will be the training cost.


 The PMP cost involves training and it will be further categorised into online or classroom programs. People can very easily go with the option of any kind of training in the industry and everything will be based upon different kinds of cost systems. For example, in India, the classroom training is near about rupees 15-40,000 and the online training is near about rupees 10-40,000. Similarly in the USA, the classroom training is near about 1500–3000 USD and the online training is near about 800-900 USD.


 Apart from this candidates also need to be clear about different kinds of other components of the cost which have been explained as follows:


  • The PMP certification with PMI membership cost will be 405 USD
  • The PMP certification without the membership will be 555 USD
  • The PMI membership fee is 139 USD which will include the 129+10 one-time application fees.
  • The re-examination fees for the PMI members is 275 USD and the re-exam fees for the non-PMI members is 375 USD. 


 It is also very much vital for people to be clear about the renewal fees in this industry which will be 129 US dollars which will be undertaken after earning 60 professional development units in three years cycle.


 It is also very vital for people to be clear about the overview of the PMP examination which will be based upon multiple-choice format and questions. Total there will be 200 questions and out of these 200 questions candidates are required to score four 175 questions and 25 will be the pre-test questions. The duration of the examination will be four hours. According to the project management institute the percentage-wise breakdown of the fundamental domain has been explained as follows:


  • Initiation will be 13% of the questions
  • Planning will be 24% of the questions
  • Executing will be 31% of the questions
  • Monitoring and controlling will be 25% of the questions and closing will be 7% of the questions.


 Hence, being clear about all the above mentioned technical points is very much important at the time of indulging in PMP certification. Having a clear idea about PMP certification cost is the best possible way of ensuring that there will be no chance of any kind of mistake or error in the whole process and everybody will be on the right track of dealing with things very successfully.

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