July 17, 2024

How to buy a star for your loved ones

How to buy a star for your loved ones


If you’re reading this blog, I’m sure there is someone out there you love with all your heart, which makes your day brighter and nights magical, someone you can walk with to eternity, someone you can feel the warmth of Love, someone who makes you unique, someone who gives their shoulder to cry on, someone who believes in you, someone who makes your future more exciting and hopeful. That someone is the brightest star in your sky. Love is fascinating because when we love someone, their flaws become insignificant. We look at them as if they are the perfect human beings ever to exist. Everything they do is beautiful. Every word they speak sounds like a poem and many more feelings. All these lovely moments make your story nothing less than a fairytale. 



There are certain occasions to celebrate with your loved ones like birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, or any other milestone from your journey as a couple. So what better way to start that celebration than gifting something beautiful? Giving a gift to someone we care about allows us to express and appreciate our feelings for them. It nourishes them with joy, peace, and a plethora of other vibrant sensations of Love. So, in any relationship, it is crucial to fill the lives of your loved ones with colorful, delightful gifts to celebrate their existence in your life or make them feel important.


If we summarise, most of the gifts people give each other come under accessories, soft toys, dresses, or taking them to lovely romantic places, etc. All these are good romantic gestures, no doubt in that but what if I tell you that you can gift something grand, beautiful and not just an out-of-the-box idea but the out-of-the-world idea which lasts for millions of years if you miss them having around all you have to do is go outlook up to the sky. You can see the twinkle that reminds you of them. I think you guessed by right now. YES, IT IS A STAR. you can purchase or adopt one. How exciting is this! Yayy


Why stars?

Love is a celebration of the feelings you share with your loved ones. We might have limited time on earth, but that doesn’t mean the celebration of Love should end with us. There are 7 billion people on earth, and there are a hundred billion stars in space, so there is always a star for everyone that twinkles your story. Hence, the star you buy is not just a celebration of your Love but also come synonymous with your promise to stay together for eternity. 


Stars are lovely, and they illuminate the sky throughout the night. No pair would turn down the opportunity to gaze at the stars. You may not be able to bring down the stars in celebration of your loved one, but you can certainly name one after them. A star, without a doubt, is a one-of-a-kind gift. Everyone would be delighted if they received a magnificent star as a present.

What’s more, it doesn’t cost a fortune to purchase a star. The star pricing will astound you. However, the cost of a star is determined by a few factors.


Types of Stars

Before talking about the price of stars, let’s first understand the basic terminology to gain some knowledge for buying a star. They are different types of stars. You select anyone based on what type of star you want. A standard star? A binary star? Or a constellation?


Standard star:

It is a regular star. You can find these stars very quickly. Staff from the firm you’ve selected will choose a random star based on the brightness you select. It is an affordable star.


Binary star: 

A binary star is perfect for couples because the two stars orbit around a common center of mass. These stars are more costly than standard stars because they are brighter and rarer.



If you want to offer a star within a specific constellation as a gift, it will cost just as much as a regular star. You’ll be provided a list of constellations from which to choose your star.


You should name it after picking up the agency to sell a star you desire. The star name should be unique and memorable so that the person receiving it as a gift will know how much it means to you. Sometimes naming a star can be challenging, so to solve this problem by visiting a website that helps you name a star after your loved ones or yourself. This process may cost you a few bucks, but it’s worth it.


Although your star may be seen in the sky, many firms provide an additional gift to go with it. You can get a physical presence with the star’s name engraved on it. If you wish to name the star and receive a natural gift, you should spend at least $100. You might, for example, have a star map, a framed certificate, physical star chart representation, or any other physical gifts.



Your Love can be as big as a star but let us be practical; you can’t bring stars down to earth, so you need proper documentation, i.e., A license registered under your name. Remember, buying the star is a gesture, but the International Astronomical Union does not officially accept or recognize it.


So what exactly does purchasing a star as a gift cost you? Various websites provide this service, but all of them come under the price range of as low as 20$ to as high as 150$. You might wonder it is unofficial and not recognized by IAU. Is it okay to still buy a star? You give it your chosen name when you buy a star, recorded into a private database forever. You receive a Star Certificate that consists of your star’s coordinates and ID number as proof of this action. 


After all, buying a star is regarded as the most romantic gesture. So, if you want to buy a star, the cost is insignificant compared to the feelings you have for your loved one.


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