April 18, 2024

How To Save Money On Energy Rates – Tanning and Sunbed Salons

How To Save Money On Energy Rates – Tanning and Sunbed Salons

The sunbed industry in the UK has seen a dramatic rise and the number of sunbed salons has increased rapidly over the last decade. As an energy-intensive business, tanning salons spend a substantial amount of budget on energy bills.


For the business to run successfully and earn more profits your best bet would be to find an energy supplier that is providing your cheapest energy company for companies in texas. Because cost-cutting in the sunbed equipment and accessories is minimal and you will not want to compromise on your quality of service.

Simplyswitch.com energy comparison aims to provide an ecological solution for homes, businesses, and entire municipalities by giving them the opportunity to generate income from the surplus energy they have.

Which Supplier Should You Go With? 

When choosing a new supplier you will have to take into account a variety of factors. These factors include:

  • The energy consumption of your tanning and sunbed salon
  • The different value-added services you want from your new supplier
  • Whether you want fossil fuel produced energy or green energy from the supplier


The monthly energy consumption at your tanning salon will be an important factor when you sign up for a contract. You should make sure that the contract you are signing will cover your salon’s energy requirements while being within your budget. You can find your current monthly kWh consumption to get an approximate idea about the minimum limit you would want on your block contract. 


When signing your contract you should ask the new energy provider about value-added services provided by them. Value-added services have their benefits such as more perks and facilities; however, the addition of value-added services in your contract will increase its price. You should only choose a value-added service if your requirements are not fulfilled by the basic package.


Another important thing to remember is whether you want your electricity to be produced from fossil fuels or green energy alternatives. You can wish to choose energy from renewable resources if your business goals and strategy require you to lower its carbon footprint. Energy from green resources can help in improving your brand identity by promoting your sunbed business as an environmentally friendly one.


Last but not least you should also compare the rates offered by different suppliers. Keep a close eye on the terms and conditions of the contract. Some suppliers lure in customers by offering cheaper rates but will not let you terminate the contract without paying a hefty cancellation fee.

You Can Hire A Energy Procurement Firm

Hiring an energy procurement firm will help you to get professional guidance and advice that is unbiased. They will also do all the research for you and make sure that you get the best possible rates for your energy contracts. They take into account past market trends and the future forecast of the energy market to make informed decisions on your businesses behalf.


Although their main purpose is to get you the cheapest tanning salon energy rates, they will also help you reduce expenditure on energy bills. They will ensure that you can streamline your business operations and achieve the highest energy efficiency possible. In short, hiring an energy procurement firm can help you secure a deal that is beneficial for your tanning business energy goals.

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