May 23, 2024

Ibrahimovic to the rescue: options for strengthening the attack for Milan

Ibrahimovic to the rescue: options for strengthening the attack for Milan

Milan’s decline can be attributed to several reasons, one of which is injury. This aspect especially influenced the Rossoneri’s line of attack. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, due to his age, is often injured, Rafael Leao is still unstable, and the transfer of Mario Mandzhukic turned out to be a failure. Strengthening the attack is one of the main tasks of the “red-blacks” in the future offseason. In this regard, they have options. Next, let’s take a closer look at the attackers who could possibly strengthen the Milan club.

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Dusan Vlahovic

Fiorentina’s Serbian forward is having a very good season. Probably the best in his so far short career. In the current Serie A draw, the 21-year-old striker has already scored 19 goals in 33 matches, which is a very good indicator. Right now, Vlahovic is among the top five scorers in the Italian championship. It is logical that many clubs, including Milan, have become interested in the young striker. The Rossoneri see him first as a help and then as a long-term replacement for Ibrahimovic. But again, getting a player will not be easy. Competitors include Atlético, Arsenal, Manchester United and Roma. Fiorentina will act in a simple way: they will sell the player to whoever pays the most. If Milan have everything in order with their finances, there are chances.

Luka Jovic

Milan watched Jovic for a long time, who was not doing well at Real Madrid. As a result, the Serb moved to Eintracht Frankfurt on a leasehold basis. According to the latest news, the Germans do not plan to buy out the 23-year-old striker and return him to “creamy”. But in the capital of Spain, Jovic is also not particularly counted on. This is an opportunity for the Rossoneri to arrange a transfer, over which they have pondered a lot. The deal could suit both parties. For the Serb, the transition from Real Madrid to Milan will not be a step back, but an opportunity to save a career that has not been developing in the best way for him in recent years. The Rossoneri would get a young and strong striker, which they have been looking for for a long time. The demand of the “royal club” will be key in this matter. “Creamy”, as you know, do not sell their players for cheap.

Olivier Giroud

If Milan do not qualify for the Champions League, they may lose a certain amount that could be spent on strengthening the squad. Young and promising strikers are highly regarded, so the red-blacks may have to look towards experienced free agents. There are several good options in this market, one of which is Fat. The Rossoneri switched to looking for a young striker primarily because the option with Mandzhukic did not work. But each case is different.

Giroud has repeatedly expressed his desire to get more playing time, which he cannot promise at Chelsea. Italian clubs have shown great interest in the player for several years now. The 34-year-old striker has motivation, so he could well have some good seasons in Serie A. Why don’t Milan compete for Fat? But a lot will depend on whether the Rossoneri make it to the Champions League. The Red-Blacks really need to return to the Champions League. The next season depends on the current Rossoneri campaign.

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