June 24, 2024

If You Don’t Have Video, Your Website Probably Doesn’t Exist

If You Don’t Have Video, Your Website Probably Doesn’t Exist

Well, your website surely exists if you set it up. However, if your website doesn’t turn up in search results, it practically doesn’t exist. People are searching for particular products and services every day. Of course, they’ll click on one of the first search results that are showing up for them. If your webpage doesn’t show up it’s practically invisible. It is as if your webpage wouldn’t exist. However, there’s a lot you can do to achieve higher organic search engine rankings. These involve SEO and videos. Follow our advice and get more inspiration for videos for your web page and by using Promo’s online video editor.

The Buzzword SEO

Either the buzzword SEO is already coming out of your ears or you have no idea what it actually is. Let’s have a look at it before we go a step further.


SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization. This means that you’ll have to apply certain keywords for any text you’ve got on your webpage. You can take advantage of a keyword tool and adjust your test so that it is keyword-friendly. The more SEO you apply, the higher is your rank in search engines and you gain more traffic. It’s one way of making your website more visible to the public. 


However, since practically everyone applies SEO these days, your organic rank can still end up being low.

Enhance SEO With Videos

Most people can’t imagine videos being able to help with search engine rankings. But they actually do. Here’s why: Google favors web pages with videos. As soon someone enters a keyword, your webpage will be shown with a video thumbnail directly at the top results. 


Of course, this only applies if the search matches with keywords from your website. Although Google hasn’t confirmed it gives web pages with videos priority, check it out for yourself. You will notice, the top results will show a video thumbnail. 


With a video thumbnail, people are already more likely to check out your webpage. That’s simply because you offer them something to watch. With all the modern information overload, most people cannot be bothered anymore to read long texts. They prefer to retrieve information from a video, which anyone can easily make with an online video editor.

How to Properly Implement Videos to Boost Your Ranking

Do you already have videos? That’s great, but how do you embed them on your webpage?


Most people simply embed a YouTube video on their webpage, which is certainly convenient. However, Google would only crawl over the metadata of your YouTube video and send people right to YouTube. That’s not quite what you’re imagining, right? A video should make people want to check out other areas of your webpage. It shouldn’t direct them away from your page and make it invisible again.


Here’s how to best embed videos on your webpage to boost your organic rankings:

Embed a video directly

Since YouTube video would shy people away from your page, you should always take two routes:


  • Upload your video to YouTube
  • Embed the video file directly on your webpage


Put the video directly on your webpage as a proper part of your site. Don’t use embedding options from YouTube. If you’re using an online video editor you can download the video file. Once you have it on your computer, you can publish it on your webpage.

Context is crucial

The video on your webpage alone won’t do much if you don’t give it meaningful context. Google can see if videos have context on web pages. If there is none, your ranking will drop to invisibility again. Surround it with some text applying SEO keywords or add a transcript for keywords below the video.

Thoughtful placement

Don’t just publish a video you made with an online video editor anywhere on your page. Place it where it’d be sensible. For example, you could make a video with a video editor about your company. Put it on your ‘About Us’ page to provide it with some meaning. If you’re introducing new products or services, publish a corresponding video to your new products or services. Add a video for brand awareness on your landing page that reflects your values and repeats your slogans.

Names do matter

As an additional step to get your video file recognized for search engines, name it accordingly. Generic names you may end up with after downloading your video from an online video editor won’t help. If you’re selling bananas, but your video file is named watchyzq_1.mp4 your search ranks won’t change. Rather rename it about_us_bananas_inc..mp4 to make it searchable once you downloaded it.


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