June 24, 2024

Importance and Future of Social Media Marketing

As the world changes around us, we have seen drastic changes in recent times in how businesses market themselves. When social media first came into being, for a very long time it was only considered an entertainment platform and was used for entertainment only. Gradually, news platforms started going global with the help of social media, then we saw big businesses marketing themselves on facebook manually, and then through paid ads, and then small businesses stepped in. Now, if we see it, big social media names like Facebook and Instagram are main business marketing hubs. business marketing hubs. Social media has become a marketing powerhouse regardless of the type of business you operate, social media can positively contribute towards increasing your company’s exposure. Whether you are a debt collector like Berlin wheeler, or run a technology company similar to Microsoft, failing to leverage social media as a marketing platform only benefits your competitiors who do utilize the platforms

Below we discuss the importance of social media marketing and the future. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has gained a lot of quick popularity in the recent times, and has even beaten print marketing, because it is technically a word of mouth, and a word of mouth coming from an influencer goes a long way. For influencer marketing, first people needed to have thousands of followers, and had to be popular to a level, but now the game of influencer marketing has changed. Now, if someone has a number of followers, a public profile, a good engagement and reach with their existing followers, brands will prioritize them over someone who has more followers but no relationship with their audience. 

Chatbots and AI

It has become simple for people to reach out to brands through social media, and if someone has a big brand, it gets too cluttered and hectic to reply separately to everyone at a single time. For a problem like this, chatbots are here to save the day. There are many brands on social media that are using chatbots powered by AI to reach out to their customers, market their brand, and to solve the customer’s problems. Because of the improvements and advancements in AI, many brands are moving towards this mode of communication with their customers to improve their services. 

With so much going on with the AI, it for sure that chatbots are here to stay, and save the labor. 


Employees as Brand Ambassadors 

Similar to influencer marketing, and the changes that businesses have seen it doing, many businesses have started trusting in their employees to market their product. They put incentives and bonuses for the employees who then go ahead and market their brand on social media, and the employee who brings more traffic through referrals, gets more benefits. This way brands really know which ones of their employees are working effectively, they make more sales, and develop a good relationship with their employees. The best thing that happens with this kind of marketing is that the business is saved from scammer influencers with fake followers and high rates. 

Social Media Groups 

In the current social media landscape, Facebook groups have become the go to place for businesses to market their brand and engage with the local audience. For example, if you are Hispanic you can go to your local community’s Facebook group, and market your products there by putting up engagement or giveaway posts, post live videos, update stories, and much more. Social media groups have proved to be one of the most effective marketing platforms, and all you need to do to stay active on them at all times is have a good internet connection. For a good internet, we suggest Spectrum Internet, it is affordable, comes with no data limit, and has a good speed. The best part is that you can always call at Spectrum Telefono 1-844-487-2710, as they also take calls in Spanish. So, have an uninterrupted connection, and stay active on those groups because they will bring you the most sales. 

Augmented Reality

We might not have realized it yet, but we already are using augmented reality on snapchat and Instagram in a way and will be using it in the future for business purposes. Just like we see snapchat filters that allow us to put make up, jewellery and accessories on our face, soon we will be seeing brands using the same filters with their designs that we can already put on to check how they look on us. A store recently brought this feature to life by allowing customers online to place furniture in their house virtually and designing their complete home before purchasing the furniture. This will prove to be a very useful way of selling things because the main issue that people still face while making purchases online is that they don’t get to see things how they will look placed on them, or in the house. 

The above-mentioned are some ways that social media platforms has helped businesses market their brand. Unlike old times, Facebook, Instagram and other leading social media platforms are now the major business marketing hubs for businesses. So, if you are a business, or marketer, consider these platforms your greatest friends. 

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