May 23, 2024

Jewellery mistakes that you should stop making

Accessorizing with jewellery is a simple and easy way to enhance your look and uplift your attire. Whether it is a subtle look or a complete glam appearance, jewellery can help accomplish that. However, if you’re not good at accessorizing with jewellery, you might end up ruining your entire look and making a fashion blunder. Sadly, not every woman possesses the skill of choosing and buying the right piece of jewellery. Hence, to avoid being the topic of discussion at an event for all wrong reasons, here are a few common jewellery mistakes you should avoid making:

  • Choosing jewellery that doesn’t match your outfit:

A common mistake most women make is that they don’t pair up their outfits well with the jewellery. For instance, many women tend to wear flashy, big, dangling earrings with denim pants or gold jewellery with clothes having embroidery work. Such jewellery-clothing combinations don’t work and can spoil your overall look. Hence, you must plan your look well and avoid ornate and loud jewellery pieces with heavy prints.

  • Buying jewellery that doesn’t match your skin tone:

Not all colour and metal options suit every skin tone. For instance, platinum jewellery does well on women with cooler skin tones, while gold jewellery looks good on women with warmer skin tones. Hence, it would be wise to buy jewellery pieces made of metal that complement your skin tone. If you happen to find the perfect jewellery piece, go ahead and make the purchase. The right choice of metal can enhance your look and make you look beautiful. 

  • Wearing loose rings:

While wearing poorly fitted rings will risk losing them, a tight-fitted ring will not look nice on your finger either. Hence, you must ensure that you buy fancy gold rings of the correct fit. If you’ve been gifted or brought a ring of the wrong size by mistake, get it fixed and resized before you wear it, as that’ll ensure both style and comfort.

  • Wearing jewellery that doesn’t compliment the occasion:

Different jewellery pieces are designed for different occasions. Wearing an incorrect jewellery piece for the wrong occasion can invite unwanted embarrassment and staring eyes. It would be best if you accessorized for a professional office look minimally while also considering your outfit. But, for a party or a night out, you can choose statement jewellery pieces that stand out and uplift your look. It is important to choose your jewellery mindfully. For instance, a dangling diamond earring set will stand out and look amazing during a night party. Meanwhile, gold or diamond stud earrings will go well for an office meeting.

  • Not maintaining your jewellery:

Women who wear jewellery daily must also clean it regularly. Rings, pendants, and earrings can unknowingly harbour dirt and germs and spread bacteria. Hence, you must always ensure that you get your jewellery cleaned professionally at least once a year. Regular cleanup will also help you maintain the sparkle and polish of your jewellery and increase its durability.

  • Wearing too many pieces of jewellery:

You don’t have to wear too many jewellery pieces, such as bangles, bracelets, necklaces, and rings, all in one shot. Having a huge jewellery collection does mean that you should go overboard. Minimalism and smart layering is the mantra for good styling. For instance, if your attire itself consists of many elements, don’t go heavy on your jewellery. Similarly, if you are wearing a plain T-shirt with denim jeans, you can opt for some chunky hoops and bracelets to amp up the look. 

Boast your jewellery confidently by avoiding such mistakes

Jewellery can break or make your entire look. Hence, avoid these common mistakes and save yourself from those embarrassing moments. However, before buying jewellery, check gold rates to get the best deals and make the most of your purchase!

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