April 17, 2024

Looking at the differences between gold and silver jewelry.

Today rules do not apply.  Once upon a time wearing gold or silver jewelry was determined by your skin tone. Your finances may also have played a part in your choice and not only if you were reliant on those Grande Vegas casino bonuses.    Fortunately, today anything goes and you can be fashionable and on-trend whatever you wear.  However, both gold and silver each have unique features and it is worth learning what these are; it may influence your choice of which one to wear, gold or silver.

Both gold and silver have particular attributes. Gold jewelry is considered warm whereas silver is cool.  Wearing gold is very glamorous while silver jewelry is more earthy and organic.  Both are fabulous and can be worn together with gemstones.  It is also nice to mix and match.  However, your skin tone may be something to consider, as is your personal style and of course your wardrobe.

Let’s consider the options.

Gold’s qualities

Gold jewelry is definitely glamorous and demands attention.   Royals and celebrities have been wearing gold from time immemorial.    Gold comes in a variety of styles, from hugely glamorous to bohemian or very minimalist.  It can be can be very versatile.  It may be in your interest to consider your skin tone when deciding whether gold is for you.

Skin tone and gold

If your skin is darker or you have a more olive skin tone or it has yellow- undertones then gold will likely make you glow. But there are no hard and fast rules.  Even if your skin tone is pale, you can still wear gold and look absolutely fabulous.  You may need to find the shade of gold that flatters your fair skin tone.

Different golds to choose from

  • Gold filled jewelry is filled with a few layers of gold alloy which is mixed with brass.  But the jewelry looks just like gold.  In order to be considered ‘gold-filled’ it must contain at least 5% real gold.   Gold jewelry can be quite expensive so buying gold-filled is a great option for those with smaller budgets but who want to wear gold jewelry.
  • Gold-plated is sometimes confused with gold-filled jewelry.  But gold- plated means that a thin layer of pure gold is joined to an inner brass plating.   The metal usually contains no more than 0.5% of gold and therefore with time the plate may wear thin and the brass layer will begin to show underneath.
  • Gold Vermeil has a .925 sterling silver core wrapped in a thick gold- plated layer.  For this reason, it is similar gold-plated jewelry. A minimum of 2.5 microns of gold and 92.5% of pure silver must be contained in the metal for it to be considered vermeil.   Gold Vermeil jewelry allows you to enjoy the beauty and hardiness of sterling silver jewelry but with that hint of a gold tone.
  • Fine Gold jewelry is considered such if it contains from 14k to 24k of pure gold. These gold metals will be used in gold gemstone jewelry, engagement rings and earrings.   They will retain their color and make a wonderful gift or are good as an investment.

Silver Jewelry

The use of silver also goes right back to antiquity. It became very trendy in the twenties, and again during the Victoria period.  Since 2000, silver jewelry has once again become very fashionable.  Combined with diamonds and extravagant evening wear it highlights the sparkly gems. The impact of the silver gives the impression of sparkling coolness.   And although silver jewelry can look very glamorous, it is organic and earthy and is often matched with turquoise and other beautiful colored gemstones.

Silver also has an antique quality to it.  It has the ability to take you back to the glamorous days of yesteryear and is often paired with diamonds and Swarovski crystals.

Skin tone and silver

Silver can be worn by everyone.  Those with warm and dark skin tones can wear silver and finding the right piece can look stunning.  However, if your skin is pale or has rose undertones then wearing silver will highlight and bring out the beauty of your complexion


Different types of silver

  • Sterling silver .925 is the best quality silver for making jewelry.  Sterling contains high levels of pure sterling silver and only a very tiny amount of metal alloy in order to strengthen its natural condition.  Sterling silver is very durable and can be worn by anyone who is sensitive to some metals as it is hypoallergenic.  Silver has a timeless quality to it, exuding a sense of quality and glamor.
  • Silver costume jewelry often includes some unknown alloys. Silver costume jewelry is often called ‘silver’ because of its color rather than its content.  If it is genuine silver, it will be marked with .925 or STER or alternatively will have a hallmark on it.  If none of these appear then it is likely that it is costume jewelry. 

    If it is not silver, over time the metal will discolor and begin to look dull and the hidden alloys will begin to surface.  Some people with sensitive skin may experience an allergic reaction when this happens because the piece may contain nickel.
  • Fine Silver .999 is at the complete other end of the silver spectrum.  Fine silver jewelry contains almost pure silver and has a luminous quality. It glows and is fabulous for earrings and necklaces.

Which is best Gold or Silver?  Is there a right one to wear?

The ideal situation is to try on both, gold and silver jewelry, and see which looks best on your skin tone.

The old rules of wearing what is appropriate have long gone by the wayside and we now use jewelry as a way to express our personalities.  Gold and silver can be worn by anyone, never mind your skin tone.   Fashion and fashion accessories are exciting.  Trending now is mixing metals. Yes, wearing gold and silver together has become all the rage and it can look fabulous, so you could wear both.


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