May 23, 2024

MS Access Hosting Guide for Non-developer

MS Access Hosting Guide for Non-developer


What is MS Access?

The Database technology used predominantly by Microsoft servers is known as MS access. Many older websites are still using Access databases though they are not the same as before, so you need a web host that can host your database. The content is saved as .mdb extension.

Who Uses MS Access?

There are two main users:

  • Desktop users
  • Developers

Desktop Users
Desktop access users need to create a simple database for a small number of people, such as colleagues in a small office. The database may be stored locally or on the network for users to get on and off.

These people make custom apps and most of them are small internal apps run on intranets.


Benefits of MS Access:

  1. Simplicity

MS Access is targeted towards people with less experience in database design & management. Access was originally designed for a limited number of users on local networks, which means that large database servers are overkill for most projects.

  1. Number of Users

Access is not designed for large or scalable projects, so the size of your team and the number of actual users will affect its performance. It is designed ideally for the sectional department of Colleges and officers for smooth workouts. Hosting the MS access on Microsoft Access Cloud Database will help to connect different departments without worrying about numbers.

  1. Experience

    Learning MS Access can be tricky, but the best tools are provided by Microsoft itself. They’re full of resources that will help you learn whenever you need or want. Microsoft offers people a variety of learning materials and forums, and these offer insights from experienced Access users.
  2. Platform

Access is a great programming option for small databases because Windows has been the go-to for many years. The interface is easy to navigate, and the operating system has been reliable for a while now.

  1. Time and Money

One of the main reasons people choose Microsoft Access is because it comes free with copies of Office and Office 365 subscriptions. Many of the businesses are opting for the Office 365 Migration service to move and access their database and office from the cloud.
On the other hand, the SQL server is Expensive and a bit complicated.


MS Access for Small Sites

MS Access is a good choice when you have only a handful of concurrent users but can still be applied in some situations. Coca-Cola still uses the technology to manage its business content. Some developers use MS Access to set up databases for their apps and/or websites.


MS SQL vs MS Access:

MS SQL can be costly and complex to set up. The user interface is absent in terms of MS SQL which makes it difficult to design.

SQL Express which is a lower version of MS SQL is still difficult than Access. MS SQL is mostly designed for higher demanding applications and higher traffics.



MS Access is designed for users who have very little development knowledge. It is a simple database technique that will help to host your website and your data on the desktop or cloud. 

Hosting MS Access on the cloud with a provider like Apps4Rent which also provides services like Cloud Desktop as a Service has numerous advantages for users such as automated updates and remote access, multiple user access, rapid sharing and exchange of files, real-time collaboration, flexibility, and scalability of resources, and real-time change tracking which makes them an ideal partner to choose for the service.


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