MyGiftcardsite Visa or MasterCard Balance

You can check the balance of your MyGiftcardsite Visa or MasterCard on your own using the choices presented below. However, before you decide to check your card balance, make sure you have the card number readily available. You can even have to scratch the pin number or entry code exactly where appropriate. Besides, you also need to keep the card security code ready. The card security code is a 3-digit number mentioned on the back of the card adjacent to the signature block.

All queries relating to your gift card balance needs to be aimed towards the service provider that given the gift card.

MyGiftcardsite Visa or MasterCard Gift Card Balance check: Step-by-step


1. To check MyGiftcardsite Visa/Mastercard balance online click here. Alternatively, you can also type in your browser.

2. Make sure you have already activated the gift card before checking the balance.

mygiftcardsite balance check

2. You will see a form like mentioned in the image above. Mention your card no., card security code, and captcha. Then click on login.

3. You will be logged in and presented the balance.

On Phone

Call on the phone no mentioned on the back of your card. In some cases, the phone no. might not be working. In that case, call on 1-866-952-5653. Provide the card number and security card to know the balance.


You can also check out the card balance in licensed stores.

7 thoughts on “MyGiftcardsite Visa or MasterCard Balance”

  1. I’m trying to reach customer service – I have a significant amount of $ on a card and it is being declined as “due to the status of the card we are unable to process your request at this time”. Please contact me.

      1. Thank you so much for the reply. I’ve called over 10 times – the website and the automated service at 866-952-5653 give me the same message (“Due to the status of the card we are unable to process your request at this time”). The only way the phone system indicates a Customer Service Rep can be reached is by requesting to cancel a lost card. When I hit this prompt, the system indicates “wait times are longer due to the Covid-19 panedemic/calls may be monitored for quality assurance” (all as I’d expect), and then the system automatically drops the call. It appears there are no longer any people servicing this phone number? Any suggestion – can someone please call me? I’m pretty upset this loss and had been saving these funds for something important.

        1. I meant to add that I have NOT lost the card, and it does not expire until 02/24. I used the card when it was first given to me as a gift and it worked properly. Even if the stated $2.00 month has been deducted since that time, I would still have a fairly high balance. I’d appreciate if someone who operates this card program can reach out. Thank you so much.

          1. Same experience – automated system disconnects the call when seeking a representative for assistance, and automated system indicates “due to the status of my card, unable to process my request”. Can anyone confirm if the operator of this card program (Mastercard debit has gone out of business?

  2. I’m having the exact same problem – drops the call right after the ‘covid may cause delays’ automated response. So frustrating that you can’t get a hold of anyone and there’s no email or chat option either.

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