May 23, 2024

On Choosing Between Moissanite and Diamond for Engagement

There are definitely no rules for which center stone should be on an engagement ring. An engagement ring should accord to the love story or personality of the couple or wearer. Thus, it can be any stone or gem or whichever color that will suit well to give meaning and symbolism to the engagement or promise of love. Hence, some may always accord the engagement ring to the most precious stone, diamonds. Diamonds have the profile of a unique, mysterious, and one-of-a-kind character due to their colorless and rare history that formed on the earth for millions of years.

Some also accord the center stone to the month that their relationship started which gemstones have symbolism for a particular month. Thus, as diamonds are the most sought-after stone because of their reputation and impression, they may be expensive for some. Hence, there are other alternatives for diamonds the lab-grown versions and moissanite. See  Lab-grown diamonds have characteristics that are completely similar to natural or mined diamonds but their cost could still not be affordable or worthwhile enough for some. Thus, this is another alternative – Moissanite is also another variant of the diamond which is also lab-grown but has different characteristics and fewer properties to consider. Moreover, it may still be reasonable and practical to discuss which stone is better, whether moissanite vs diamonds, with the considerations of class, durability, and all other personal preferences and access.


Diamonds always have stunning reputations of luxury, glamour, wealth, and power. Whenever these stones are on the centerpiece of a jewelry or engagement ring, the difference really tells a story. Especially on which diamond cuts a jewelry or engagement ring has, stones that have comparisons to diamonds are always attractive and heart-melting. This is why there are always a variety of reasons to measure and weigh when it comes to choosing between moissanite vs. Diamonds.

If you are considering getting a luxurious and regal look, moissanite can always give and provide the stunning rapport of the finest appearance that diamonds can give. Moissanite can also be shaped into different diamond cuts such as round brilliant, princess, emerald, etc. And Moissanite can also be set into different engagement ring designs and settings such as Halo, eternity, Pave, Three Stone, Bezel, etc.

Moissanite has the looks of a diamond only that it looks whiter and less clear. But there are even diamonds with the same quality especially those that have a lower color grade (H) and clarity level (SI). Furthermore, with Moissanite’s seemingly affordable price, one can select a stone of a larger cut or carat to make an engagement ring look regal.


But if you choose to take a more valuable, expensive, and something to keep forever, natural or lab-grown diamonds are the best options. The prices of diamonds especially the natural ones are high and therefore, as engagement rings are a promise of eternity, this stone makes the exact symbolic trait for the item. Just like love which is something to hold in the heart, a diamond engagement ring is always the icon of eternity because of its durability and lasting radiance. Moreover, natural diamonds have limited qualities on the market because it is inevitable to grow on the earth without science and technology’s chance to monitor their qualities. But for lab-grown diamonds, there are pieces that exactly have the profile and quality detail that you desire. Diamond cuts depending on the profile of your choice and affordability are always available.

You can shop lab-grown diamond cuts conveniently through Rare Carat’s extensive search procedures that let you set the level of clarity, shape, color grade, price, and carat weight. Visit Rare Carat’s online shop and get fantastic deals on natural, lab-grown diamonds, and moissanite. You can also select the metal profiles from yellow and white gold, Platinum, and Rose gold. The brand also caters to the selection of different engagement ring designs, styles, and settings.


Aside from the impression and reputation of diamonds to be “precious”, moissanite has the counter reputation of “ethical” and “sustainable” but is still closely precious to diamonds. Hence, if you are more on the beauty and look, you can go for Moissanite. But if you are a traditional enthusiast for rarity and sentimental values, a Rare Carat diamond will sustain your desires. Shop at Rare Carat now through this site- “Rare”

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