June 24, 2024

Opting for Yellow Diamonds: Induce its Beauty and Gracefulness

The wonders of diamonds don’t end in their sparkles, brilliance, and crystal-clear appeal. Diamonds also have colors that can be loved by many which can also open artistic and creative opportunities to the jewelry and arts and crafts industry. Diamonds have the impression to be colorless or glow white, but it doesn’t stop them from being treasured even with hints of colors and hues. These colors even make a piece of a diamond more special and covetable as it becomes unique and rare. The rarity of a diamond is not only measured by the high qualities of its 4Cs (Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat Weight) but also by its shape, ability to sparkle, and ability to complement the jewelry setting. Rare Carat offers a comprehensive and extensive Diamonds Buying Guide to help you find and select quality yellow diamonds that are of genuine and standardized quality.

The Better Choice?

Opting for yellow diamonds over the colorless ones takes courage and a solid reason because it may be unconventional and out of tradition. As diamonds symbolize neutrality and purity because it is not associated with any colors, choosing to have a diamond with a color has more importance and symbolism that might be personal and necessary for the wearer. Speaking of birthstones, yellow diamonds can be associated with the month of April, and by their yellow color, they can be associated with the month of November similar to the original color of Topaz. Having this stone as an alternative to Topaz makes the jewelry worth keeping as a treasure and as an investment. Moreover, the colors of a diamond may not be a hindrance to its practicality, but it even increases its purpose. Hence, that is why never underestimate the power of this vibrant and lovely gem! See the Diamonds Buying Guide at this link to get oriented and introduced to its bounty and it can make you think twice in choosing your diamond color.

The Authenticity of Yellow Diamonds

Some people may be afraid to take this larger step because he/ she may think that yellow diamonds may not match or may not look good with all other ring styles and settings, and metal choices like yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver, platinum, etc. Some may also think it can look fake and visibly an imitation of real diamonds. Fret no more because yellow diamonds can definitely perfectly match a particular ring style and settings, see the Diamonds Buying Guide to get insights on which yellow diamond’s profiles may be suitable to your desired general and overall ring design.

To choose the yellow diamond that will not make it look fancy or misidentified as a Zircon or Topaz, or such imitation stones that look fancy making a piece of jewelry less luxurious, find a piece that has a higher clarity level. Yellow diamonds can be in faded yellow or deep dark yellow color. The clarity of the yellow diamonds is an important consideration to take. Transparent or crystal-clear yellow diamonds define its radiance and opulent glow making it a high-quality-looking stone on jewelry. The blurred quality or translucent yellow diamonds may sparkle but they don’t produce glimmer and shine which can be a bad investment on your side. Understand and get convinced why selecting yellow diamonds is a very satisfying option through Rare Carat’s Diamonds Buying Guide page for birthstones.

Designs for Yellow Diamonds

On the other hand, for yellow diamonds, the Pave ring style in the Halo setting is the best option for ring design. it enhances its glow while adding a “sun rays” like aura making it look elegant and fancy. Choosing a white or silver-toned metal band for the ring will elevate the visibility of the yellow shade of the diamond and will create its brilliance of glimmer and spark through the contrasts of the colors. Hence, there are several Pave ring styles and Halo design choices that make be more suitable and respondent to your choice. See the Pave ring diamonds buying guide on Rare Carat to conveniently and easily find the displayed options right in the comforts of your home.

Also, for other jewelry types like earrings and pendants, yellow diamonds are more suitable for designs that are vintage and classic to make them trendy in every generation and age to come. Since its color is not simple at all, choose a ring or jewelry design that is embellished and adorned.

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