July 17, 2024

Poker hand rankings chart: What would win over what?

Poker hand rankings chart: What would win over what?


The ranking of different cards in hand would classify the strength of other hands that can be played and form an essential base in making any decision in the game. The basic form of poker hand ranking system mentions all forms of the game by comparing the different ranks of poker hands, which helps determine the best hand the player can play.


This comes in handy in many popular forms of poker like Texas holdem poker or Omaha and even casino games based on poker.


Below mentioned is a guide that would help you in poker hand rankings:


  1. Royal Flush: This is considered the best possible hand in the poker hand rankings. This hand consists of five consecutive cards that are all of the same suits, which are in order from ten to ace.
  2. Straight flush: When one holds five cards with a sequential value and is in the same suit, which is not a royal flush, it’s called a straight flush. The straight flush would only be beaten by a royal flush or a straight one with a higher ranking.
  3. Four of a kind: A player having the same card but in four different suits is called four of a kind. In this case, the fifth card is either highest amongst the other players or on the table for you to win the hand.
  4. Full house: When a hand comprises of same valued cards but in different suits along with a pair of same ranking cards in again two different suits. In case two players have a full house, the winner would be the one with a higher value of three of a kind.
  5. Flush: when five cards with different values belong to the same suit, it’s referred to as a flush. The winning poker hand would be the one with the highest value.
  6. Straight: When five cards have a sequential order and are made of two or more suits, it’s referred to as straight. An ace card would rank highest or lowest, but never both in hand.
  7. Three of a kind: A hand consists of three similar ranking cards but all three of different suits. It would be the other two highest cards other than the three of a kind that would determine a complete hand.
  8. Two Pairs: When a hand contains two separate sets consisting of two cards that are of matching rank, it’s called two pairs. It would be the highest card remaining which would complete the hand.
  9. Pair: A pair of cards that are ranked at the same level but in different suits form a pair. The winning hand would mean a pair with three other higher-ranking cards.
  10. High Card: The lowest amongst all the hands is this one. In this case, the highest valued card in your hand is considered the best hand. 


All the above-mentioned are Poker game hand rankings that would be extremely helpful for a beginner willing to learn and play the game

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