April 17, 2024

Private Note – Key To Safe And Encrypted Sharing Of Information

Private Note – Key To Safe And Encrypted Sharing Of Information

Sharing information in today’s highly developed technological society has become both a boon and a curse. While the ease to share information is quite overwhelming, the amount of risk of data breaching, and sensitive information being compromised also makes us think twice before trusting which online source is safe to share information safely. Private notes make the information that you want to share, very secure by encrypting it and it will only be accessible to the author who is drafting it and the recipient whose address or contact  is mentioned.

How Do Private Notes Work?

Private notes need you to sign in by creating an account and the recipient you want to send the information be it a family member or a team member from your office also should have an account. Once the account is created, one can type the recipient or assignee username and draft a chat or message. Type all the information and then click on submit. These are the basic layman’s steps of how private notes work. 

Private notes are designed with high-end security encryption technology which keeps the data safe from the backend. Let us see a quick step-by-step guide on how to create and send a private note 

  • Open the application or website.
  • Click on Add note or create a note.
  • Type the required content and apply the text formatting as per the need.
  • Attach the files that are necessary by using the attachment option just like in regular applications, popup opens to browse and select the file and upload it.
  • Add the recipients of the note to whom the note is to be sent. You can also add notify ‘@’ symbol to tag the team members to specifically highlight them on a particular topic within the notes
  • Use the dropdown to label the confidentiality of the note as either Private or Public. After creating, and assigning the privacy to notes one can maintain an offline copy of their notes on the device, plus automated backups including an encrypted backup that is emailed every night.


For Whom Are Private Notes A Best Fit?

Usually, private notes are very preferable in workspaces for sharing the company’s internal or client-sensitive information across project members and clients. Apart from workspaces, private notes can be used to share pictures, financial or property documents, or any other sensitive and confidential personal data among family and friends. It’s not constrained for corporate use alone.

Private notes are also secured with password protection. Yes, just like whole pdf files can be password protected, these notes can also be additionally made secured by a password protection mechanism. These notes are developed in such a way that they get destructed after the recipient confirms that the note is read and information is shared successfully. A timer or a confirmation is fixed on such private notes which are designed to be self-destructing.

Private Notes Also Available As Browser Extensions

As Private Notes gives you a safe and fully encrypted place, it is not always feasible to install an application if your purpose use is not for formal office information. For informal conversations, or for sharing data that can be done online, private note browser extensions are a much simpler option to use. They can be used to store passwords, recovery codes for sign-ins, and many more web-based activities.

The advantages of using browser-based private note extensions are

  • This extension doesn’t use or modify data on other websites your search
  • Passwords are encrypted and saved 
  • Encryption and decryption keys are one-time based and also get self-destructed once a note is opened and read.
  • If your laptop goes missing, even then these notes can’t be accessed

The Top features of these browser extensions are that

  • Automatic backups of your notes along with browser-sync like chrome and edge sync
  • Notes are always encrypted
  • An additional account is not needed to use the private notes as synchronization is taken care of by the browser used.
  • Auto-lock system to the rescue if the screen is left idle for some time, the notes are locked automatically.
  • Advanced Text Editor that is capable of supporting many advanced text features

As chrome is the most used web browser, most of the extensions of private notes in the market are developed for being chrome compatible. Bu these private note extensions have some limitations. Chrome sync cannot store huge notes as it can afford a few hundred-kilo bytes of data. But as discussed in the features of the compression, this browser extension is capable of storing one hundred and thousand characters of text which covers the kilobytes of data thus overcoming the limitation to some extent.

Who Can Access Your Private Notes?

Due to the end-to-end encryption technology, only the author of the note can have access that is you. You may think your internet provider can access it or government can access it, but no one can access it without proper permission and reason.  

One thing to keep in mind is no matter how many secured applications come, there is a huge responsibility for each of us to keep our data safe from our end. Keeping strong passwords and using password management tools will help to keep your data secured and will not fall into the hands of hackers.

 By using these private notes available in the form of applications or browser extensions used on any of the electronic devices, the decryption process happens very securely where it made sure that the decrypted data cannot be misused by online attacks. There are a lot of apps available in the market offering data privacy and secured private notes for free and also with licensed and paid features. Research and choose the right application for your company as data is quite sensitive and one wrong step can land you into trouble with hackers, ransom ware, and many viruses attacks on your system.


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