July 17, 2024

Rare Carat Named Top Online Diamond Retailer in Customer Reviews


Trust is important in the world of online purchasing! It’s safe to say that customer reviews are the perfect recipe to build trust over time. Rare Carat reviews are a key factor in making or breaking a business online.

So, when a company like Rare Carat is named the top online diamond retailer in customer reviews, it’s worth taking a closer look! A common question might pop up in the customer’s head, is it legit?

Let’s dig deep into it!


Rare Carat was founded in 2016, by Ajay Anand. The story is quite interesting as the founder himself was in search of a perfect diamond ring. However, the process overwhelmed him so he decided to make the online diamond-buying experience easy and hassle-free for others.

The company’s ultimate goal is to make the diamond-buying process more accessible and transparent. Its services include its ability to compare millions of diamonds in one place.

According to the company’s website, it has satisfied over 500,000 customers by helping them find their perfect diamond!


Buying a diamond is a financial as well as emotional investment. However, buying it online could include more risk if thorough research is not being made before purchase. They do hold a sentimental value so one should choose a trustworthy retailer who they are comfortable with!

Based on our research, Rara Carat is legit! Why? Because:

The company has secured an A+ rating from a non-profit organization, Better Business Bureau. How did they get this rating? Well, it provides reviews based on factors such as transparency and customer complaints.

The company owns SSL certified website.

They have secured 4.9/5 reviews on Google and Trust Pilot.


Talking about the reviews, one might think they could be fake. However, the general theme of the reviews is what one should keep in mind before purchasing. While many people like its excellent customer service and price comparison tool, many people find the issues of shipping delays. Such problems are expected as we all are humans at the end of the day!

While buying online, one must not rely on reviews only. Instead, it is advisable to read the company’s policy and perform thorough research for satisfaction.

Other factors to be considered are as follows:


 For price-conscious and value-driven consumers, it offers price-matching guarantees as well as competitive pricing.

“Professor of Business, economics, and public policy KATJA SEIM of the University of Pennsylvania compared diamond pricing from three leading online merchants-Blue Nile, James Allen, and Brilliant Earth, using the G.I.A. certificate number. The study found that on average the price for the same diamond can be 12 to 21 % higher on those platforms than at smaller retailers”

This is just one of many Rare Carat Reviews in the NY times. Click on the link to read more


Chances are one might not be satisfied with the delivered product even after doing all the research. Rare Carat protects your investment by offering 30 days free return policy as long as they are in their original condition. Fair deal, isn’t it?


Rare Carat has GIA Graduate Gemologists whom you can trust blindly! Rare Carat offers diamonds that are certified by various third-party organizations. Customers have access to grading reports to verify their quality and authenticity.

So, if their geologists give a thumbs up, it has to be as gorgeous in person as it looks online!


The company works with suppliers and mines that strictly follow ethical and environmental standards. It has partnered with Diamond Development Initiative, a nonprofit organization that supports sustainable mining practices in developing countries.

Consumers are becoming more aware of the effects of their purchases on the planet Earth. So, a trend towards the green industry is rapid and Rare Carat is one of the best options to opt for this reason!


Rare Carat has obtained a well-deserved reputation as a top online diamond retailer. It is legit but it is recommended to approach Rare Carat with caution by reading the company’s policy and performing thorough research. It is a perfect place for engagement rings, wedding rings, or a special gift backed up with excellent customer service.

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