April 17, 2024

The difference between lab-grown diamonds and diamond simulants

 One of the most frequently asked questions among people is the difference between lab diamonds and diamond simulants. For people who are looking for a flawless, high-quality diamond, the best option should be a lab-grown diamond.

 However, some people might look out for something more affordable compared to lab diamonds. In that case, diamond simulants are the best for them. With different terms being used to represent several items, there is no shortage of misleading information online. As such, customers often buy diamonds without the right knowledge.

 Hence, this post will try to explain the difference between lab-grown diamonds and diamond simulants in the best possible way. For an elaborate understanding of lab-grown diamonds, click the link: https://www.rarecarat.com/lab-grown-diamonds


What are lab-grown diamonds?

 Lab-grown diamonds are created in labs under specialized conditions without hurting the environment. A tiny diamond seed is increased inside a chamber where a reaction occurs. The diamond grows into its final size after a stipulated time frame.

 There are two ways of creating lab-grown diamonds: The CVD method and the HPHT method. The CVD methods use plasma technology to develop the diamonds. Large quantities of high-quality diamonds are produced by this method.

 This method is an effective way to create diamonds and takes less time. The HPHT method is almost similar to how natural diamonds are formed. The process involves working the diamond seed at high pressure and high temperature. Lab diamonds are even preferred by some people over Asscher Cut Diamonds at Rare Carat.


What are diamond simulants?

 Typically, diamond simulants are artificial diamonds that result from heating metal alloys such as cobalt or nickel with carbon at extreme temperatures. These diamonds look similar to real diamonds. But they have differences.

 Moreover, they don’t have the same clarity, color, and durability as mined diamonds. The most common diamond simulants are crystal, cubic zirconia, and Moissanite. Crystal is used mainly for jewelry purposes and is sold in the form of beads, rings, pendants, and earrings.

 Cubic zirconia is another popular imitation stone that has a beautiful look and is less expensive. Moissanite is a kind of synthetic diamond that looks like the real one. Many people use it on their wedding bands and engagement rings. Moissanites are scratch-resistant and highly durable.


When to buy lab-grown diamonds:

 For a more natural and refined look, lab-grown diamonds are the best option. These diamonds are perfect for people who want stones that look like natural diamonds without spending a lot of money. When it comes to saving money, lab diamonds are a good choice.


When to buy diamond simulants:

 Individuals looking to save a lot of money yet want a stone that resembles a diamond, diamond simulants are perfect for them. Although they appear authentic, they lack some of the important features.


Lab-grown diamonds vs diamond simulants: The differences

 Lab diamonds are made from pure carbon whereas diamond simulants are produced from synthetic materials such as beryllium or silicone. Lab diamonds have the same optical, chemical, and physical properties like that of real diamonds. But the properties of diamond simulants are different from mined diamonds. Besides, lab diamonds are harder compared to diamond simulants.


Which diamond to buy:

 Lab diamonds look more like natural diamonds, unlike a diamond simulant. While they are a bit expensive, every dollar is worth it. Also, lab-grown diamonds are durable and stable. For a buyer looking to buy a diamond that will last for several years, lab diamonds are better than diamond simulants.

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