May 23, 2024

The Lifestyle Benefits Of Living In A Bangkok Condo As A Single Woman

If you are a single woman and you’ve been giving some thought to travelling and living in Bangkok, you are likely wondering just how suitable the big city really is.

Bangkok has a reputation for being a bachelor’s paradise, but what about single women and families?

Contrary to popular belief, Bangkok is actually very suitable for single women, families, and couples alike. While it certainly appeals to single men, there’s so much more that this magnificent city has to offer – particularly when it comes to accommodation.

In this article, we’re going to look at the wonderful lifestyle benefits of living in a Bangkok condo as a single woman.

Round-the-clock security

The best thing about living in a luxury condo in Bangkok is the round-the-clock security. There will always be a security guard present, you’ll likely have key card access, and there will be CCTV everywhere.

Simply put, you’ll feel much safer in a condominium than you would a house.

Beautiful neighbourhoods

It’s always worth looking for a condo in a beautiful neighbourhood – such as the Life Ladprao Valley condos for sale in Bangkok – near Chatuchak. You’ll find plenty of markets and temples to explore, quiet cafes and restaurants to enjoy, and bustling noodle soup stands to indulge in! Not to mention the easy access to the main BTS Skytrain Station lines.

Great infrastructure

The Thai government has invested a lot of money into Bangkok’s infrastructure and they continue to make massive improvements every single year. As such, getting around Bangkok will never be too difficult – nor will it be hard to find world-class healthcare facilities, dental clinics, and schools – all of which tend to be in relatively close proximity to the best condominium developments.

Swimming pool, fitness studio, steam room & sauna

Any decent condominium complex worth a look will have a swimming pool and kitted fitness studio at the very least. The best, have steam rooms and saunas to boot.

If you are passionate about keeping your body happy and healthy, you’ll love being able to enjoy all of these facilities without even having to leave your building!

Inspiring views

Imagine doing a spot of morning yoga on your balcony in the sunshine while overlooking the expansive Bangkok skyline? Not only that, but there’s something truly mesmerising about the Bangkok skyline at night. In the right condo with a good-sized balcony you can sit out an evening with a glass of wine while you enjoy the view! Bliss.

Any food you could ask for delivered to your door

While you’ll almost certainly have a beautiful fitted kitchen with plenty of surrounding markets that sell cheap whole foods and produce, (so you can enjoy plenty of dinner partieswith your new friends), you won’t be able to resist the occasional takeaway.

The food scene in Bangkok is out of this world and the best part? Pretty much everyone does delivery!

Think of any cuisine in the world and we can almost guarantee that you’ll be able to find a top-class restaurant that delivers.

Whether you want sushi, Thai food, an Indian curry, a fat, juicy burger, or some Italian pizza, you’ll find yourself in constant awe of what Bangkok has to offer.

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