April 17, 2024

Top 14 Myths In The IT Industry

We are surrounded by Excellent technologies. From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, we use technology. Smartphones, cameras, laptops, tv, Fair Go slots, and the internet are blessings of the modern age that we cant think about our life without them. But have you taken a moment to step back and think about how this technology functions? or are you using them to the fullest?

I bet most of you don’t really think about the functionality of the app or the phone you use all day. Myths surround the general population. You are no exception. Probably knowing or unknowingly, you are following some useless myths in the IT industry.

Today I will debunk the top 14 myths in the IT industry so that you don’t have to follow them anymore.

1.Closing Background Apps To Save Battery

Many of you use Facebook, Instagram, tweeter various social media or apps throughout the day. After using one, you don’t really close the app, so it keeps running in the background.

The myth is that everyone thinks that all the apps they didn’t close and are running in the background are consuming battery charges. They always spend extra time closing background apps every few hours to prolong battery life.

But, it is not valid.

The apps running in the background have no effects on the tablet or the phone’s battery life. So you don’t have to close every app after using it. You can leave a lot of apps running in the background for days, and it wouldn’t affect your device battery in any way.

2.Using Incognito Or Private Browser To Stay Anonymous

In recent years, users of various websites and apps have become very skeptical about tech companies stealing their “personal user data.” This skepticism is based on some solid facts. Tech company does collect the user data, or you could say steal data from their users. They use the data to learn the behavior patterns of their user.

Let’s say you are searching for or showing interest in traveling bags on social media, YouTube, or other websites. After a while, you will notice those websites are showing you ads mostly around traveling bags, travel agencies, traveling clothes, etc. You will see ads that are directly related or somehow related to travel bags.

How do those websites know what you are into? They know it from the data they collected from you. Even internet provider collects your data too.

Of course, many people are not okay with companies taking their personal data away. Many websites even sell those data to 3rd party.

To stay anonymous, they use incognito mode or a private browser. Incognito/private browser doesn’t really work like that. So it’s a myth.

How it really works is when you browse in incognito mode on google or in a private tab on safari, your search history stays private. This means your search history can not be tracked. So websites can’t track your history and, as a result, cant show you targeted ads.

But it does not allow you to be anonymous fully. In incognito mode, your internet service provider and the websites you visit, can store your information.

3.More Bars Means Better Service

When using a device or function that relays on a network system like your cell phone, you will notice it has bars on top of the screen. You probably think that more bar means a stronger connection. But When you are in a really crowded place, and even though you have full bars, you cant make a call or use that network-based function.

Why is that?

It happens because a myth many believes is more bar means a stronger connection, and it’s not completely true. The amount of bar shows how close you are or how strong the connection is between you and the nearest network tower.

Now, if you are in a party, concert, rally, or any other crowded situation, you might not be able to use your phone even with full bars. It happens because many people try to use a network of the nearest tower at the same time. The network system gets jammed, thus not able to provide service to all the users.

4.Coders Are Anti Social

There is a myth that every coder is anti-social. If a coder is not anti-social, people think he might not be good at coding. It is simply not true.

In movies and tv series, they show coders are gaming-obsessed, introverted, anti-social people. There is no truth to it. Coders are just like any other people. Some coders may be introverted and some extroverted. Some may like spending time at home, and some like spending time outdoor. And coders usually need to talk to almost every level of a company, so they usually have excellent communication skills.

5.Recharge Device Only After It Shuts Down

This is another myth related to battery life. A long time ago, devices used to use nickel-cadmium batteries which suffered from memory problems. This means after recharging many times; the battery would lose the capability to reach 100% charge.

That was a long time ago. Nowadays, devices use lithium-ion batteries. This battery doesn’t have the “memory effect” problem. You can charge your device whenever, and it doesn’t need to shut down or anything like that in order to recharge.

6.Software & Hardware Are Pretty Much The Same

A computer can not function without software or hardware. Both are equally important to run a computer. Many people think that software and hardware are pretty much the same, which is a myth.

Hardware is any physical component of your computer; on the other hand, the software is any nonphysical data, instruction system that helps to run your computer system. Now you know how much different they are from each other.

7.Viruses Cant Attack Mac Computers

In the early years, apple company did heavy marketing saying their system was so strong that viruses cant attack it. Later in 2012, mac computers faced a brutal virus attack. So after 2012, the myth of mac computers being immune to viruses went out the window. Still, many people today believe mac can’t get viruses.

It is true mac is much stronger than other computer systems still, it is prone to virus attacks. So use a good antivirus to defend your mac computer from viruses.

8.More Megapixel Provide Better Images

This is probably the most famous myth of them all. You can hardly find any smartphone user who doesn’t believe in this myth. Many smartphone brands advertise by saying how many megapixels their device has. So you can’t really blame the consumers; they just go along and believe what they see in ads.

Yes, the number of megapixels on your camera does matter, but there are a few more important factors to consider to get better-quality images. The megapixel resolution and the megapixel size are also important. A quality megapixel size and better resolution will make it easier for your camera to capture light and produce better images.

9.Avoiding Viruses By Using Common Sense

We are all pretty much familiar with viruses and how to avoid them. It is hard to find someone who uses the internet and doesn’t know about viruses. Getting scammed doesn’t fall under the virus category, though. A virus is a computer program that penetrates the security of your computer system and harms your computer or steals your private data.

People, in general, believes that avoiding virus is easy; all you have to do is use common sense like not clicking on any dodgy links, not signing up to fishing sites, downloading something from unknown sites, etc. To be fair, all these common-sense tactics make sense.

But it won’t stop viruses from attacking your computer. Some malware is insidious; it can get into your computer system silently and wreak havoc. Some viruses don’t make any visible damage and keep stealing your data silently, and you won’t be able to notice.

So it is very important to install a good antivirus (like BitDefender). Antivirus can catch any virus the moment it arrives.

10.Wire Will Pull Back Charge If Connected Without Electricity

This myth is still very popular in the hamlet area. People think if you plug in to charge your phone while the electricity is gone, the wire will pull out the remaining charge from your phone.

It is not true at all. The wire doesn’t pull charge from your phone.

11.You Don’t Need Formal Education

Many people, especially the older generation, believe you don’t need a formal education to get into the IT industry, and it is mostly a myth. Because you can’t even apply to any tech company if you don’t have a formal education. But there are rare occasions when formal education is not essential. But rarity can not be an example.

So if you are someone who looks to build a career in the IT sector, then formal education should be your priority. Let’s say you plan to become a software developer, computer network architect, or data administrator; without a formal education, you can’t get any of these IT-related jobs.

12.Only Men Work In The It Industry

It is true that this industry is dominated by mostly men, but there are a lot of women in this industry too. If you look at the famous company Skillcrush, it has mostly women employees. As the world is progressing, the number of women employees is increasing.

13.You Must Know Coding

A common saying is you must know coding to work in the It sector. It is just another myth. It industry is a huge sector; there are many jobs in this industry that don’t have to do anything with coding. Coding is a very small portion of the tech world.

14.Only Young People Work In The Tech World

You will notice that movies and tv series tend to show only young people working in the tech world. That’s how people got the misconception that older adults don’t work in the tech world.

Actually, there are people in the tech world of various ages. There are young people in their 20s, and there are older people in their 70s, working together in the IT Industry.


I hope these top 14 myths in the It industry won’t be wasting your time anymore. The availability of the internet is much easier and cheaper than before. In this digital era, we shouldn’t follow any myths in the IT industry. You can search for any information, user manual on the internet and get accurate information. So whenever someone gives you any “out of the box” IT-related advice, fact checks it on the internet first before just going along with it.


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