June 24, 2024

Top 6 Emojis for Sports Enthusiasts to Use

Have you ever wondered why many people choose to become players or fans of particular sports games or teams? From viewing sports as a connection to the world or a way to express themselves emotionally, there are plenty of reasons for the popularity of various sports to continue growing today. It’s a good thing too that in the 21st century, people have access to all sports. From an early age or well into adult life, people can start playing the sports they like professionally or not – be it basketball, volleyball, and more.

Emojis have also become part of the communication as you can now send an 8 ball emoji, bowling or tennis as part of a text message or a social media post to express your love for sports. This article provides you with a list of sports-related emojis that you are free to use today. 7M

Various Sports Emojis Available Today

Emoji designers have done a great job of creating various emojis related to sports. From the usual basketball and volleyball emojis to the field and ice hockey that you probably thought won’t be available, please continue reading for the emoji list.

1. Basketball 

This emoji shows a typical orange ball used in basketball, though the color may differ depending on the platform. It helps express the sender’s desire to play a game of one with the receiver or receivers or as a reference to basketball players, the game itself, and so on. The increase in use can be attributed to the start of the basketball season.

Did you know that a Canadian-American physical education teacher invented the game in the 1800s? Originally proposed to keep the kids he was teaching occupied and fit, it eventually became a game that became a part of the Olympics in the 1930s.

2. Baseball

One of the most popular sports in the world is baseball, and the emoji related to the sports shows the typical ball used in playing – white colored with red stitching. It is utilized to show support for their favorite baseball player or team once the seasons start. Now, the United States of America may be considered the game’s birthplace, leading to it becoming a national sport. However, people worldwide have come to enjoy the game, making it a national pastime for most.

3. Volleyball

Introduced in 2015, the volleyball emoji is straightforward as it shows the white ball typically used in the said game. It’s often used when asking family and friends for a simple game later or can also be made use of by actual players alongside the person raising hand emoji to discuss the sports or future games. 

An indoor game initially, another game variation called beach volleyball was invented where two players per team will play the game on sand. The sports’ popularity soared, especially in sunny states like California where you can visit hundreds of beaches.

4. Pool 8 Ball

It shows a round black ball with the number 8 in the middle. It’s used when desiring to play a round of games with family and friends. The 8-ball is viewed to be special, as it can only be hit once all balls are pocketed. Belonging to the family of cue games, the pool is one of the most sophisticated games in the world. 

Some of the legendary players to ever grace the world of the pool are Rudolf Walter Wanderone known as “Minnesota Fats”, Mike Segel nicknamed “Captain Hook”, the “Scorpion” Johnny Archer, and Efren Manalang Reyes, worldwide famous as the “Magician.” 

5. Rugby Football

Popular among rugby fans, the rugby football emoji should not be confused with American football. The emoji shows a brown rugby ball with front laces for the viewer to see. Depending on the platform, the ball may be illustrated realistically or stylized. Increased usage occurs once rugby season starts in the United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries, but not as popular as American football though. Millions of rugby players are registered, showing their immense love for the sport. 

6. Boxing Glove

This emoji is popular among boxing enthusiasts. Boxing, along with other individual sports games, requires a whole team to prepare and one other person to compete. Boxing glove emojis show a red glove that looks like actual boxing gloves that boxers used today.  Believed to be the oldest sport in the world, some of the famous boxers today include Muhammad Ali known as “The Greatest,” Manny Pacquiao nicknamed “PacMan,” and Sugar Ray Robinson. 


Today, numerous people become big fans of particular sports because they are exciting and fun. And thanks to sports-related emojis, you can freely express your love for sports when sharing with friends and the public through social media posts. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and fill your messages or posts with the abovementioned emojis and many more.

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