May 23, 2024

Weed: The Origin and Evolution

Weed: The Origin and Evolution


Cannabis or weed, as they are most popularly known across the world, is one of the most discussion-worthy topics of all time. Being native to central and south Asia, it went on to become one of the most used and abused substances in the plant family across the globe. By definition, it is a drug extracted from a simple flowering plant from the Cannabaceae plant family called the Cannabis plant. It is mostly known for its capability to influence the nervous system of the human body and evoke a sense of relaxation and relief and also cause a change in the thought and behavior of the individual.

The development and use of cannabis as a drug or relaxant are not something recent. They have been in use for centuries as part of numerous traditional medical systems. The plant consists of hundreds of compounds in it and thus, a skilled extractor can make numerous products out of a single cannabis plant. It is estimated that out of the 483 known components and compounds of the plant, around 66 are Cannabinoids, which can influence the nervous system of the consumer. Although there are many methods by which people generally consume cannabis, the more popular ones are smoking, edible products, and vaporizing.


The origin of weed

The origin or the first known use of cannabis by a human population dates back centuries. It is believed that cannabis or weed originated from the Asian continent, exclusively from central Asia and the subcontinent of India. Although it was used for random activities during the Neolithic age itself, the psychoactive possibilities and properties were mostly unknown to the population of that period. The first known incident of burning cannabis and using it for some of its psychoactive properties happened in 3500 BC by the Romanian Kurgans. There were also instances of the usage of cannabis during the Indo-European happened during the same time. It is believed that it was during these migrations that happened between central Asia and Europe which brought along weed or cannabis into the European continent, which afterward, spread across and out of the continent.Cannabis also reached Iran through their trade links with central Asia. It was from Iran that several Southeastern European locations were introduced to cannabis. It is also said that the word cannabis originated from the Assyrian word qunubu, which means a method to produce smoke.In these initial periods, cannabis was mostly burned to cause a trance-like state by many of its users. Both China and India afterward began the use of cannabis in food and drinks for their therapeutic uses. There are records of using cannabis as a therapeutic substance in China during 2800 BC and in India during 1000 BC. 


Weed in modern history

The new world or the modern world, which started during the 16th century is considered the beginning of modern history and it was in the first half of the 16th century that cannabis was reintroduced to the modern world. Spaniards are credited with the introduction of cannabis into the new world. Following the Spaniards, in the 1800s, Joseph Moreau, a French physician traveling to the Middle East and Africa journaled about the use of cannabis in the new world. Being a member of a Parisian group who was enthusiastic about conducting experiments related to drugs, he possessed great knowledge about marijuana and other forms of weed and provided many details in his journals. During the British invasion and rule of India, many British officers were introduced and accustomed to weeding and an officer named William Brooke brought some samples back to the British. Opium was cultivated by the British in India and very soon, a newfound interest in weed products took over Britain. 


Developments since the 20th century

By the second half of the twentieth century, the use of weed tend to become a bit more popular across the globe and the harmful effects of weed and the extensive misuse of the drug paved the way for numerous restrictions on the use and sales of weed across the world. Mauritius was the country that exerted a ban on the cannabis the reason being its adverse effect on the country’s workforce. Mauritius was immediately followed by Singapore, in 1870 with its ban on weed and weed products. United states also started putting restrictions on the sales and use of cannabis in the 20th century itself. Numerous countries went on to put a complete or partial ban on weed and other associated products.

In the background of many countries considering weed a taboo and outright banning its usage, an international opium convention was held in 1925 which discussed the immense possibilities offered in the medical field by the various compounds in cannabis. At the convention, the recreational and medical possibilities and properties of cannabis were found worthy to be explored and it was in the background of this convention that many countries started reconsidering their pre-judgmental approach towards weed and weed products. Much more scientific and reliable classification of cannabis under various categories according to their medicinal value was initiated by the Dutch government in 1975 and grabbed the attention globally. Effective restrictions regarding the use and sales of cannabis were found to be more dependable measures than an outright banning and more and more countries started adopting the effective restriction method. 

In 2013, Uruguay became the first country in the new world to have officially signed legislation to legalize cannabis. Both medical and recreational use of weed was allowed by Uruguay provided not to be overboard with the consumption. The model of Uruguay was very soon followed by numerous countries including Canada. In numerous counties and states across the world like Surrey, Vancouver, etc., the use and sales of cannabis gained much popularity and legal support and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that weed delivery in Surrey and marijuana delivery in Surrey have taken over both online and offline markets in the location. The popularity of weed products also skyrocketed in recent years, for which the statistics related to the cheap ounce deals in Surrey and the best edible delivery in Surrey stand witness.


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