May 23, 2024

What benefits video games can have for physical and mental health

How Can Video Games Be Useful?

The controversy surrounding the benefits and harms of video games has not stopped since their invention. Most people believe that they have an extremely negative impact on both physical and mental health. However, this opinion is not entirely true. Scientists were able to prove that in moderate doses video games are on the contrary very healthy. This article will tell you about the positive effects of computer games on the human body.

Stress Relief

Video games are very effective in stress relief. Researchers from the University of Central Florida were able to prove that even a short break spent on them effectively relaxes a person. At the same time, spending time playing video games showed better results than giving up a smartphone or even meditation. 

The only rule to follow is to choose the game that will bring a person maximum pleasure from the process. By doing this, one can achieve maximum relaxation and calmness. For example, you can spend your break at work enjoying a variety of sports simulators that do not strain the brain with a complex plot but rather help you to get distracted from routine problems. Get acquainted with other types of games at


Many parents, seeing their child behind a monitor screen, believe that he has no contact with the environment and does not communicate with his peers. However, in most modern games there is a live mode. There is a whole team of gamers. In this case, the main task of entertainment is to achieve a common goal. For this purpose, gamers virtually get in touch, communicate with each other, and develop socialization skills.

Scientists from the U.S. and England were able to prove in a study that most gamers who are engaged in video games, both professionally and at the amateur level, are quite developed, sociable, and friendly people. Moreover, they choose as their hobbies not only various computer games but also an online casino. Indeed, it also allows you to relax and calm down but it has one significant advantage – the possibility to improve the financial situation. However, to take advantage of it, you should choose only safe and reliable establishments. The articles by Olha Lammer, who has researched various sites with gambling entertainment for more than four years, will help you with this. Through her work, every user can get acquainted with the Cool Cat casino review and analysis of other gambling portals.

They Contribute to the Healing of Depression

Depression is a severe mental disorder, the main sign of which is that a person is constantly experience the following mental condition:

  • low spirits;
  • depressed;
  • anxious feelings;
  • distress; 
  • sadness; 
  • indifference. 

To get rid of depression and thereby improve your mental well-being, you should undergo special therapy. However, as scientists from New Zealand found out in their study, it is not the only way to cure this disorder.

A video game called “SPARX” was created specifically for this experiment. In it, it was necessary to play as characters who could free the virtual world from enemies. When moving to each new level, the gamer had to read information about depression and ways to get rid of it. About 170 people participated in the trial itself. Half of them got therapy with a therapist, and the other half got rid of the disorder with the help of video games. The most surprising thing was that all participants were able to get rid of the disorder to the same extent.

Three Unobvious Facts about the Benefits of Video Games

Many different myths have developed around video games, leading most people who have nothing to do with them to believe that these entertainments are bad and dangerous. In fact, the opposite is true. Spending a few hours a week playing them can improve many life indicators. You can find a few non-obvious facts about the positive effects of computer games in the table below.


Slow aging The University of Iowa conducted an experiment involving about 700 people. Men and women were more than 50 years old. During the study, it was proved that 10 hours of computer games within 1-2 months was enough to compensate for the consequences of aging in the brain for 2-6 years.
Speed of decision making Computer games that have the action taking place in the first person have points that require attention to objects that suddenly appear and disappear on the periphery of the field of vision. This greatly improves the player’s “low-level perception” and decision-making speed.
Improved vision Scientists at the University of Rochester have proven that users who spend their time playing various shooters develop contrast sensitivity.

Now you can be sure that video games do have a positive effect on the human body. To benefit from computer entertainment, you should only limit the time you spend on them. And then any game won’t be able to harm your health, on the contrary, it will improve some of its indicators.

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