July 17, 2024

What to need to know about World of Warcraft if you are a new guy in 2022

WoW, appeared on the gaming market more than 10 years ago and has taken a significant place in the hearts of many gamers.

The main competitor has always been Lineage 2, but gradually WoW managed to win the championship and has been online for a long time.

Players who have not logged into the game for a long time and new players are waiting for a lot of changes in the gameplay, and fans of old patches are advised to look at the classic version.


Select game version

To date, WoW has three versions of the game.


  • Actual – Shadowlands
  • The classic, or season of mastery, is a modified first version of World of Warcraft released back in 2005.
  • Intermediate – Burning Crusade – restart of the first major expansion after the first version.

To start playing the most current version, you will need to purchase the edition in the official store and a monthly subscription, which must be renewed in order to have access to the game world.

For re-released versions, a subscription purchase is sufficient.

Beginning of the game

For the current version of the game, the player will have to choose a server – with PVP or PVE bias.

The choice of France, class, sex of the character.

Some classes and races will be unavailable until the leveling of public characters to the maximum level. For a beginner, this will not take much time and will give you the opportunity to try all the classes in the future.

In the Shadowlands update for beginners, the starting zone has been changed and now the player is trained in game mechanics, main tasks and complete tasks related to previous updates.

After that, the player goes to the open world along a chain of tasks for better development in the game, and then just in search of adventure.

In the first couple, it’s hard to figure out where to level up in order to quickly get into interesting raids. You can complete quest chains and gradually upgrade your character, or buy wow power leveling.

Getting levels

In the new update, the developers of World of Warcraft removed the restrictions on the method of pumping.

Now the player is free to choose the place to gain experience by moving to any hunting zone that suits the level.

Pumping methods:

  • Completing tasks around the World of Warcraft
  • Participation in raids depending on the purchased add-ons.
  • PVP activity brings experience.

The main thing is to keep track of your game tasks in the adventure log. This will help a beginner not to go astray at the start of acquaintance with the game. Later, you will understand the gameplay and act on your own.

What to do after the maximum level

In World of Warcraft, leveling ends at level 60 and the main gameplay begins.

On the plus side, you complete the story campaign and are no longer required to complete the quests associated with it on new characters.

Decide in the direction of the development of your character – it can be PVP and PVE.

If we choose the PVP direction, then our path will lie through the battle with other players and the extraction of a special currency, for which the best equipment is bought and exchanged for weapons and armor improved for battles


If we choose PVE, then our path leads to raids.


Through the adventure log, you can track the list of available dungeons and the rewards that can be obtained in them.

You can create your own farm raid group, or join an existing one.

In the World of Warcraft, raids have a gradation, from 0 and above, meaning difficulty.

To get the first, good equipment, it is enough to farm raids of 0 difficulty, in which you can get a special key.

The key will open a raid of increased difficulty with new conditions for passing – for example, with a time limit.



In the world of WoW, with each update, developers add new things and ways of pumping to diversify the gameplay. Pay attention to the new training system for new players.

The game remains relevant in 2022 and attracts many players despite the paid game format.

The new Shadowlands update will be a great opportunity to try out the MMO for a beginner, or a player who abandoned WoW a long time ago.

I hope this review has helped you. Be a good player and have fun. Good luck!

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