June 24, 2024

Why should you always clean up after yourself?

Many people have busy lives working full time, going to the gym, having a social life, and running side gigs. With so much on your plate, setting time for your home clean can seem overwhelming. Some people put off the thought of cleaning, or they hire cleaners regularly to keep the apartment tidy.

Studies show that you can improve your health by living in a clean and organized home, hence cleaning up after yourself. Cleaning up after yourself requires sacrifice, discipline, and a behavior change; otherwise, you will feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

How to clean up after yourself

Some people have the philosophy that “if they don’t use it, they don’t have to clean it,” but this stringent rule will breed frustrations as they try to figure out how to live in a house and make as little things dirty as possible. You may be wondering how to cook that scrumptious recipe with no more than two cooking utensils or repeat clothes to minimize laundry time.

This philosophy can be daunting, and whenever you fail to apply the rules, the chances are that you will pile things up and contribute to clutter. Eventually, it will be overwhelming to clean up the mess. Instead of punishing yourself with endless cleaning rules, you can embrace enjoying stuff and ensure you clan up after yourself.

What is cleaning up after yourself?

This is a practice of ensuring that you clean up spaces or things immediately after you have used them. It allows you to keep up a daily schedule for small cleaning tasks and not procrastinate cleaning your home until the weekend.

Cleaning up after yourself can be a useful rule if you share a room with others since it helps to keep spaces orderly for peaceful co-existence.

How to clean up after yourself

You can take several practical steps to clean up yourself; consider some of these:

The 20/10 rule – You can break down your cleaning task, allowing yourself to do short periods of cleaning followed by a break.

During the break, you can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee, mess around on the internet, or take your dog for a walk. Set a timer (20 minutes cleaning and 10 minutes resting or whatever ratio works for you).

Ignore the big picture – If your house is a mess and you want to start cleaning after yourself, do not look at the big picture. Focus on doing small cleaning tasks every day, and it will eventually accumulate to a cleaner house.

Make your bed – One motivational army man once said that if you want to change the world, start your day by making your bed. Making your bed gives your bedroom a cleaner and more organized look, even if you have some clothes on the floor. It also motivates you to clean up the rest of the house.

Learn to put things away, not down- You can avoid a lot of mess in your home if you practice putting things away immediately rather than putting them down. For instance, after you have done laundry and dry clothes, you want to neatly fold them and keep them away instead of postponing the task to another day or time.

Bribe yourself- You can bribe yourself to enhance your desire to clean up. For example, you can reward yourself with a good meal, a movie, some time on Sloto Cash, or a cup of coffee after you are done cleaning a certain portion of the house.

The Importance of cleaning after yourself

Regularly cleaning your apartment or house is important for better health and organized living space, yet some people put it off. Here are some benefits that can motivate you to clean your home.

Keeps you organized- Regularly cleaning your house keeps it organized; thus, you spend less time looking for stuff. It can be frustrating trying to locate your keys in the middle of the clutter.

Reduced stress- Searching for lost items in an unclean house is stressful, and living in an unkempt place is double stressful. Looking at a cluttered place raises cortisol levels. It can be overwhelming to imagine all the work you need to do to make the place habitable. Postponing the task adds to the anxiety. However, cleaning after yourself reduces the workload and enables you to enjoy a serene environment.

Keeps your house junk-free- Clutter is a problem for many homes. Failing to clean after yourself leads to the accumulation of junk such as items you no longer use, junk mail, unwanted papers, and rotten garbage. Instead of letting things pile up in the house or your work area, you can clean daily and eliminate anything you never use.

Reduces allergies- A house that is not regularly cleaned could accumulate allergens and dust. You can avoid these allergies by cleaning after yourself, thus allowing fresh air to flow in the house for better health.

You will minimize germs- Germs can accumulate very fast on uncleaned surfaces and spread to your body. Cleaning after yourself by vacuuming the carpets, cleaning the spills, and keeping the bathroom and kitchen clean will kill germs and prevent diseases. You can improve your family’s health by setting cleaning after yourself rules.

It keeps out pests- Rodents and bugs love spills and food particles. An unclean house with food that has been on the floor and uncleaned utensils for days will invite these creatures into your house. Instead of paying the huge price of disease due to rodents and bugs, you can clean after yourself.

Last Words

Cleaning after yourself is an excellent practice that ensures good health for family members. It takes daily practice to clean your home regularly, but the sacrifice is worth it. Unclean house is stressful to live in and can be a breeding ground for germs and diseases.

Though some people procrastinate taking action and cleaning their homes, you can change this trend by regularly performing small cleaning tasks. The small actions will free your weekend and motivate you to keep your living space habitable.


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