July 17, 2024

Why should you choose M365 GCC High?

M365 GCC High involves a lot of the same component sets and products of the Microsoft 365 Commercial such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Exchange Online, etc. Nevertheless, complete consistency is not achieved. One important part is found in Microsoft Teams for O365 GCC High. Unlike the Commercial contribution of Microsoft 365, Audio calling for Teams US Government does not cover dial-in mobile numbers and the underlying configuration in Azure Government to allow the ability. A solution is needed for direct internal dial through Immediate Routing to enable users to plan meetings with Teams Dial-in contact numbers.


So why should you go with M365 GCC High?

Understandably, this selection can get complicated. There are several diverse alternatives to go with and sometimes it can get difficult to narrow it down and choose the appropriate one. But ultimately for Government Contractors of all areas, it is highly sensible to migrate into Microsoft 365 GCC High. Also, there are many providers with affordable Office 365 GCC High Pricing. As the per license pricing is insignificantly higher than Commercial, for most businesses, the capability to become completely DFARS compliant exceed the price difference. DCMA is currently carrying out DFARS audits on contractors in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), and the DoD is taking steps to remunerate companies for their compliance systems.

It is also essential to note that currently external distribution and Teams messaging abilities among Microsoft 365 Commercial and Microsoft 365 GCC High tenants/users are unavailable.

An essential step when considering migrating to GCC–High is knowing if you can qualify to migrate to GCC High. If you meet ITAR/EAR along with CUI/CDI in many cases or have to comply with DFARS Flow-Down specifications, then your firm will want to examine in GCC–High. Once you have decided that GCC High is where your business wants to be, then you can begin with the process of registering with Microsoft for approval. Also, by using VDI Desktop as a Service you can increase the productivity of your work.

If you are working with the US Government, regardless of the procurement procedure or fund source, you possibly want GCC High.


Some advantages of M365 GCC High to consider:

  • Excellent Security: NIST 800-171’s 110 distinct protection controls and multiple additional systems offered by CMMC
  • Flow down in Contracts: Most of the significant prime contractors are migrating or have migrated to GCC High because of the capability to collaborate and communicate with users that are also on GCC High. GCC High is also the sole version of the platform that owns B2B abilities with DoD.
  • ITAR or NOFORN Data: Businesses are not able to handle or save ITAR data on Commercial or GCC as the data can be obtained by non-US people as a component of Microsoft’s administrative activities and can build an illegal and involuntary export.

The first can be satisfied with every alternative of Microsoft 365, including GCC High. The third data point can particularly be satisfied with GCC High.


Apps4Rent is the best provider for GCC High services with proper maintenance and support. Additionally, they also provide services for Hyper V Server for your virtualization requirements.


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