July 17, 2024

Why Wearing Glasses Makes You Look Attractive?

According to a research by Swiss Journal of Psychology, most people consider individuals in spectacles more intelligent and likable. Are you wondering why? Read on to discover the reasons why wearing glasses make you look attractive.

Glasses Make You Look Brainer, Studious and Intelligent

It is fair to say that more people wearing glasses are found in situations where education and intelligence are of value. But it is also true that people who spend a lot of time on TV or on their phones are surprisingly myopic. However, this is mostly unnoticed and erroneously taken that they wear glasses because they are educated. All in all, wearing glasses makes you look sharper because people subconsciously equate wearing glasses with being intelligent. For these reasons, eyeglasses give the following illusions;


Eyeglasses Provide Balance to Your Face

Even though beauty is said to lie in the eyes of the beholder, some faces are just out rightly off-balance even to people with no interests in personal looks. This may occur naturally or may be as a result of a facial injury. Instead of feeling helpless, many beauty-conscious people take actions that render these imbalances quite unnoticeable. One of these actions is to wear glasses that balance out your face to offer that attractive and cool illusion. By providing balance, eyeglasses convey the following illusions;

Facial symmetry or asymmetry depending on the situation
Being uniformly smart
A sharp smooth face    

Glasses Help You Remain Conscious of Fashion Trends

Attractive people always keep up with changing fashion trends. Wearing glasses helps you stay fashionable by ensuring that your glasses reflect the current spectacle styles. By helping you remain more focused on fashion trends, eyeglasses help in the following;

Make you keep updating to better glasses in line with your prescriptions or preferences thereby making your appearance dynamic.
Make you assume a confident disposition.
Psychologically become more focused on actions that elevate you to the fashion limelight.

Wearing Glasses Accentuates your Eyes

Eyes are some of the most powerful and beautiful features. People are always more likely to notice your eyes more than anything else. Glasses make people focus more on your eyes and appreciate the power and beauty therein.

Glasses Convey Different Personality Statements

As part of your general body outfit, eyeglasses also play part in conveying your personality statements. You can use glasses to convey such attractive personalities as being sporty, fashionista, trendy, nerdy or even rebellious. Some of these positive personality traits make you look generally attractive to people. According to Susan Krauss Whitbourne of Psychology Today, some notions along the line of personality include the following;

High social class. Wearing glasses will make people think you belong to a high social class even if you don’t. This is because wearing glasses is associated with those in higher social classes.
Less threat. Wearing glasses reduces the level at which people may see you as a threat. This is especially so if you’re a man.
If you wear glasses that have logos, people will associate you with being fashion-conscious. If those logos also happen to be there to impress, this goes even notches higher.


Long gone are those days when wearing glasses was seen as something to be afraid or embarrassed by. Even though in reality every third person you encounter has an eyesight issue nowadays, celebrities and other influential people have increased the vogue in eyeglasses. Glasses are more of fashion items than eye-fixing remedies. On TVs, on red carpets, at social functions and even at funerals, influential people are cladding in all manner of glasses. Whether you prefer big or small frame glasses, people will always consciously or subconsciously find you attractive.  

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