April 17, 2024

10 Technologies that have Changed Gaming

The gaming industry has made leaps and bounds ever since the invention of the first gaming console – the Magnavox Odyssey in 1972, and 50 years later, we’re at an almost entirely different place with spaceship-like consoles sitting in our homes, and the news of the latest VR headset almost ready for release, so that you can take advantage of cutting edge bingo technology and play all your favorite titles in virtual reality.

From a single joystick console and handheld, portable gadgets, to consoles that you can now both dock at home and pick up with as soon as you’re leaving the house, there has never been a dull moment in the world of gaming. Aside from brilliant titles always in the works, what makes the experience so enjoyable is the never-ending stream of new platforms and gadgets to play them on. Here are some of our top technologies that have truly revolutionized gaming.

1. Online Gaming

One of the ways that gaming has moved to the next level making it that much more enjoyable, is the invention of being able to play your favorite game online with your friends. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a stable internet connection, there’s no reason why you can’t hop on for a game of Fortnite while chatting at the same time via voice chat and feel like you’re right there with your friends.

2. Local Multiplayer

It’s hard to talk about online gaming without talking about its predecessor that helped that come about; local multiplayer. Before the days of hopping onto Discord, a big focus on some of the top game titles was to make sure you had an element of multiplayer that you could enjoy with your friends. The low-quality split-screen gaming style may seem old school now, but it was the leading tech in its own time.

3. Cross-Platform

Another invention that has made gaming all the more accessible to even more users is the invention of cross-platform play. No longer is the device or console that you play on a hindrance, so whether you are on a PS4 or your mobile phone or tablet, you’re still able to access the same experience which is encouraging for many who felt like this was a hurdle to them before. With more and more online games taking advantage of this, the library is ever-growing.

4. Wireless Headsets

Taking a break from talking about the software side of things, gaming accessories have really come a long way as well and 2022 has been one of the best years so far. Gone are the days of hearing your friends’ crackly voices, or then not hearing them at all and constantly asking “can you hear me?” for the majority of your gaming session. With plenty of options at various price points, wireless headsets especially have made gaming all the more comfortable with no wires to faff with and with a stable connection to ensure a seamless user experience.

5. VR Headsets

Thanks to the days of the Nintendo Wii and its motion plus technology in its controller, it has eventually led to the days where virtual reality headsets are already an actual device that you can now purchase and truly immerse yourself into your favorite game world and feel like you’re in that universe. Horror games are particularly fun to play because despite knowing it’s not real, you can still give yourself, or your friends a good fright.

6. Handheld Consoles

Another technology that opened the doors for a whole new community of users and gamers was the invention of portable consoles. Starting from Microvision in 1979, it was the first cartridge and handheld-based gaming console which paved the way for some of the most beloved Gameboys, PS Vitas, and companies whose entire focus was based on handheld gaming such as Nintendo.

7. Home & Portable Consoles

Technology has advanced so much, that nowadays the concept of having one home console and one “to go” console is disappearing. Thanks to consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, gamers don’t have to limit themselves to what they can play at home vs what they can play outside. It’s exactly the same now! You simply dock your console at home to play on the big screen, and when you’re ready to go, simply pick up the switch from its dock, put it in your bag, and pick up from exactly where you left off.

8. Cloud Gaming

Another really amazing invention that has solved the problem for many users who just prefer software-based titles as opposed to having to hang onto discs without having much of a storage option is the introduction and growth of cloud gaming. If you don’t feel like making a trip to the store to pick up a new game, or you just don’t have the space to store them, then you can simply pay and download a game in a few simple steps and within a few minutes, your game will be ready to play.

9. Remastered Games

Perhaps not as revolutionary as the technology mentioned above, however, the technology to remaster games means that you can revisit your favorite title despite having upgraded consoles. It’s always been a bit of a bittersweet feeling letting an old console go because you know the chances of you being able to play a beloved title again are slim. However, 

more and more companies are remastering older titles and amping up the graphic qualities as well as including additional content, so it’s a whole new experience even if you’ve played through the storyline before.

10. Share Play

Ever had an epic gameplay moment on the PS2 with no one around to witness it, but you wish you could have captured that moment somehow? Share play technology has been great at fixing just that. Not only has the concept of streaming meant that you can share your moments with friends, but it has also opened the doors to a whole new occupation with people streaming their gameplay on platforms such as Youtube and Twitch and making a living off of it. 

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