May 19, 2024

Blue light glasses to the rescue!

What are blue light glasses?

Blue light glasses essentially filter out the blue light emitted from different light sources, the biggest of which is the Sun. But we mostly use UV filtered or polarized sunglasses to protect our eyes from this big ball of fire. On the other hand, light sources that also emit blue light are now a big part of our daily life: digital devices.

Blue light glasses are fitted with a special coating on the lenses that work as a shield against the blue light produced by computers, phones, TVs, and more. The way blue light glasses work is by reducing the amount of harmful light reaching your eyes. 

So if you start suffering from eyestrain or headaches after spending long hours in front of a screen, then you may want to consider a new blue-light-blocking glasses purchase.

Why are blue light glasses used?

If your job or hobbies require you to sit in front of a screen then you should use glasses to help reduce blue light. You may find it difficult to focus and long exposure to this light will cause your eyes to strain. With blue light glasses, you can improve contrasts and prevent any eye damages. 

In addition to this, you can also add an extra protective anti-glare coating to also help reduce glare produced by the light bouncing back. 

Blue light glasses and their coloured lenses 

If you put your blue light glasses on and look at your screen you’ll notice a certain colour reflecting off the lenses. A tint of blue light will indicate that your glasses work and are fitted with zFORT® Blue light blocking

But did you know that there are various coloured lenses with this particular coating? 

Blue light eyeglasses with tinted lenses (amber, yellow, orange, red, and so on) change how we perceive colours on a screen. Although some are warmer colours, like amber or yellow lenses, they tend to provide superior protection against blue light. While blue light glasses with transparent lenses do not alter the colour of the displays.

Blue light glasses and headaches? Not a match!

Although some people have experienced headaches as a result of wearing blue-light filtering spectacles, there have been no rigorous studies to back up or explain these claims. When you first put on new glasses or your prescription changes, it’s not unusual to get headaches.

Furthermore, you can wear blue light eyeglasses all day, protecting your eyes from glare while also promoting healthy circadian cycles. And if you like staying up late watching funny cat and dog videos, using your blue light glasses will allow for better sleep.

Blue light glasses – what a SmartBuy

If you are finding yourself in need of a protective but stylish pair of blue light glasses then grab yours with SmartBuyGlasses!

You’ll be able to browse through endless eyeglasses that will shield your eyes from harmful lights and allow you to scroll through an extra hour of entertaining videos!



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