April 17, 2024

How Do I Buy Bitcoin With A Bank Account On Binance?

Binance P2P refers to a popular peer-to-peer trading exchange. This helps you purchase and sell cryptocurrencies investing in FTX with the help of any chosen payment method. The P2P platform can also assist you in trading with other active users directly and offers about 300+ payment methods. It also has 70+ fiat currencies available.

In addition, Binance P2P also enables users to purchase bitcoin with the help of their bank accounts. They can simply link their account as a payment method, and they will be good to go! Bitcoin trading software also offers multiple features for you to carry on your trading activities. This can certainly assist in learning more feasible options that you can avail while trading coins, cryptos, NFTs, and more.

Is Linking Your Bank Account Easy?

If you are searching for a fast and easy method to purchase Bitcoin, Dogecoin, BNB, etc., you can link your bank account easily. Since Binance P2P offers a lot of payment methods, you can make the best use of credit cards, cash payments that can be done physically, debit cards, etc. All of this involves bank transfers and this is the most famous method on this platform.

People also prefer Binance P2P over other crypto P2P platforms because it offers an extensive array of cryptos and low transaction fees. Since Binance P2P endorses over 100 local currencies, it’s a great opportunity that you can avail by checking if your local bank also makes it to the list. There are many ways you can buy crypto with your bank account. It can be done either by SWIFT (or traditional bank transfer). You can also use SEPA when transferring money internationally.

How Can You Purchase Crypto With The Help Of Bank Transfer?

Below are the steps that you can follow while purchasing crypto or selling it via bank transfer.

1. On the Binance platform, tap Buy and choose the currency you would like to make payment with. Once done, tap BTC or any other crypto you would like to purchase.
2. Select whatever payment method you want to opt for and filter the ad by clicking on bank transfer. Then, select the P2P ad according to your requirements.
3. Insert the amount of crypto you would like to buy. Then, go to buy BTC and then to the payment page.
4. At this step, you should select bank transfer. Once done, copy the required details directly from the banking app on your phone and paste the information where needed. Afterward, you can easily transfer the funds. The required details can contain your bank name, account number, information about your bank’s branch, and the like. As soon as the seller gets your funds, your crypto assets will be released.

How To Purchase Crypto With SWIFT and SEPA Bank Transfers?

If you are searching for the quest payment solution, SWIFT and SEPA can be your go-to choice. These are the most famous methods for sending and receiving crypto funds. You also need to ensure that your bank is supporting these transfers before choosing to go ahead.

Here are the steps you can follow:

1. Tap buy again and choose whatever fiat currency you would like to pay with. Once done, choose BTC.
2. Then, a button will appear with ads in the filter. Select that button and the P2P ad posting according to your requirements.
3. Insert whatever amount you would like to buy, select buy BTC, and then go to the payment page.
4. At this step, you can easily choose SWIFT or SEPA and copy the required details from your banking app on the mobile to the given field. Once done, you can transfer your funds. When the seller gets your funds, your cryptos will be released. Simple as that!


You can effectively set up your Binance account and connect it to your wallet easily in just a few clicks and following the necessary steps. While bank transfers are the fastest and most secure method to make and receive payments, you need to be a little patient as it takes some working days, too (but definitely faster than conventional methods).

If you are ready to purchase Bitcoin or any other crypto, it’s about time you make an account and get going! You won’t regret the many options and benefits you will earn, along with feasibility and convenience, just by going with bank transfers.

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