July 17, 2024

Lab-grown Diamonds and the Impact on jewelry design trends



There is nothing like finding great diamond finds but in Rare CaratShop at Rare Carat and be amazed by the wide selection of gems. Many visit Rare Carat to get the best deals and advice. It is a jewelry haven like no other. It is a place where clients can purchase natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. There is no limit to creativity and flexible options to fit your budget. Not only is it a place to find rings for engagements and weddings, but customers can also see the up-to-date trends in the market. Therefore, buying at Rare Carat, your precious accessory is definitely in style and trendy.


1. What are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are gems that are similar to natural diamonds. They are processed similarly. They experience extreme heat and pressure to reach their final form inside a laboratory. The setting is the same condition within the Earth’s mantle, where the natural ones grow. In the past, these stones are for commercial and industrial purposes. But at present, lab-grown diamonds have an increasing popularity as body ornament. Thanks to the cost-effectiveness of these gems, more people can afford to have fancy-looking stones at a cheaper price.


Lab-grown diamonds are also highly sustainable. They do not damage the Earth’s core. Less water is required, and pollution is less. It is also safer to produce in comparison to its natural counterparts. There are no risks involving mining practices. New technologies are using 100% atmospheric carbon to make these. It is a practical choice for the environment while keeping yourself in style. In terms of appearance and quality, it is also natural. The four C’s, Carat weight, Color, Clarity, and Cut, are never compromised.


2. Stylish and Impactful Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry:

Diamonds are centrepieces of jewelry. Engagement and wedding rings often feature as a symbol of everlasting love. But aside from these intimate purposes, featuring lab-grown diamonds in casual settings is applicable too. Here are some style ideas that are timeless and worth investing in.


3. Simple and Luxurious Stud Earrings:

Individuals who prefer minimalism can opt for diamond stud earrings. Asscher-cut lab-grown diamonds are a good choice for this accessory. They look delicate, but picking high-grade stones have a lot of sparkles. Thanks to the multiple layers and facets of this gemstone cut. In short, they are small but loud. This design has been around since ancient times. The stud earrings were for the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks citizens showing high social status. At present, it is a classic and versatile piece to wear at both formal and casual events.


4. Fun and Versatile Hoop Earrings:

Hoop earrings are fun and versatile pieces that can fit any occasion. Depending on preference, the size can vary from small, medium, large, and up to extra large. There are even modern designs like the diamond drop hoops. The round cut is appropriate for this style. It makes the aligned stones look in line and orderly. Or you can go experimental. Mix and match different sizes for a unique look. It goes well with any jewelry metal like white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, platinum, and sterling silver. It is a design suitable for both children and adults.


5. Modern and Elegant Cuff Bracelets:

Cuff bracelets are unique as they appear like bangles but have an opening at the side. It makes them easier to put on and put off. Aside from solid forms, there are also whimsical designs like interwoven rows, multiple flex cuffs, and single cuffs. Small Emerald, oval, and round-cut diamonds suit this design. You can cover the circumference or use it as an accent to make a statement. It is trendy and suitable for people who like to experiment with fashion.


Final Thoughts:

Due to lower cost, lab-grown diamonds offer both customer and jeweler flexibility. You can opt to use more high-quality gems and not go over budget. The abundance of material also allows more creativity when conceptualizing designs. It is an advantage in developing fashion trends and expressing individuality. You can experience this all firsthand by shopping at Rare Carat. They offer ready-made and customized pieces to suit your taste. The versatile pieces all come with certificates. It is an assurance that you are getting the real deal. So shop at Rare Carat and be one of the many satisfied customers of this service.

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