April 17, 2024

Lab Grown Diamonds In The Fashion Industry

Anyone that comes to visit Rare Carat knows that this is an alternative contemporary way to shop for diamonds online. As a result, Rare Carat customers have a greater chance of getting ethical fashionable lab-grown stones than they would from major fashion houses. Some major names are falling behind on this trend.


The Divide Between Mined Diamonds And Lab-Diamonds In The Fashion World.


While consumers, especially those around the age of 40 and under, are more interested in lab-grown stones, some designers and fashion houses are more reluctant. A big problem is the stigma around these artificially created stones. There is a narrative that they are too synthetic and don’t hold up against the “real” thing. However, the quality and look of the best eye-clean lab-grown diamonds show that this isn’t the case at all. Rare Carat lab diamonds are just as strong and beautiful and allow for incredible pieces of jewelry.


Tiffany And “Luxury” Mined Diamonds.


One example of a company shying away from the trend towards lab-grown diamonds is Tiffany. This world-famous store still favors mined diamonds, believing that lab-grown stones aren’t a luxury material. Companies that make their name on high-end fashion items and jewelry are tentative about switching from the more traditional stones in case loyal consumers perceive it as a decline in value. Instead, the company focuses on highlighting the ethical status of the mines they choose to work with – even though all diamond mines are problematic.


Swarovski And Lab-Grown Crystals.


On the other side of the spectrum, some companies deliberately deal in lab-grown stones and want to showcase them to a wider audience. Swarovski creatines crystals in all kinds of shapes and colors to provide glamor and sparkle in place of expensive diamonds.


For many, this is too far removed from real diamonds, and that’s fair. However, their popularity shows the demand for fashionable gems and decorative pieces where people don’t care that the stones are synthetic. Because of this, there is plenty of room for more high-end authentic diamonds grown under lab conditions.


The Potential For Bespoke Pieces With Lab-Grown Diamonds.

An added benefit of working with lab-grown diamonds in the fashion industry is that it is even easier to get bespoke items for specific clients and events. For example, let’s say that a leading Hollywood star has a premiere in a month’s time and wants a unique 4-carat fancy-colored pink princess cut diamond to wear on the red carpet. The best thing to do is to get a lab to grow a diamond to these specifications in a couple of weeks, get it to a diamond cutter, and then have a designer create the finished piece.


It’s not easy, but it’s a lot easier than finding a pre-existing mined stone that matches. Furthermore, that star gets to show off their ethical choice by not using a mined stone.


Contemporary Fashionable Lab Diamond Jewelry.

This level of customization and the scope of options is why lab-grown diamonds are so appealing in contemporary fashion design. There is still room for traditional white stones in romantic jewelry, such as a classic cushion cut engagement ring. However, the bolder colored stones and alternative shapes are a lot more eye-catching. A crescent-shaped diamond that glows blue under UV light looks mystical. An elegant 2-carat purple oval diamond adds a regal feel to a ring. There is even the option to keep the diamond raw and celebrate its inclusions and imperfections.


Shop At Rare Carat For The Best Fashionable Lab Grown Diamonds.


With so many options out there for loose stones for contemporary fashion jewelry, it is important to visit Rare Carat. This online marketplace can match buyers up with the perfect stone based on their personal preferences. After selecting lab-grown diamonds over mined stones, the options then come down to shape, color, carat, and clarity. It is easy to fine-tune these options with the sliders and end up with something unique and within budget. From there, the detailed gemologist reports make it really easy to understand the finer attributes of the stone and make a final choice.


Buyers that shop at Rare Carat for fashionable lab diamonds are guaranteed great customer service and choice. This is why the company has a rating of 4.9/5 on Google and Trustpilot. There is no easier way to find stunning loose stones to add to unique pieces. So, while Tiffany and its rivals refuse to join the trend, we can all enjoy these fashionable lab diamonds with ease

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