April 17, 2024

The Dos And Don’ts of Custom Designing Your Engagement Ring

Getting engaged and picking out a ring can be one of the most exciting times in a relationship. With so many options, however, custom-designing this ring might seem daunting. Here are some dos and don’ts when going the custom route for an engagement ring.

Have Patience

Custom designing a ring takes time. The process may not be complete for several weeks or even months. Account for shipping times and production schedules when you custom design your engagement ring and plan the proposal date using this information.

Conduct Research to Pick a Style

Look through ring designs online and in jewelry stores to get an idea of styles the recipient may like. Bring these inspiration pictures to the jeweler. This will help hone in on the perfect design. However, be willing to listen to suggestions from the jeweler, as they know what works and what won’t.

Choose a Reputable Jeweler

Make sure to select someone who comes highly recommended and has experience with custom work. They will walk clients through the design process. Ask to see references and meet with several jewelers before making this choice. The ring is meant to last a lifetime, and the right jeweler ensures it will.

Consider the Recipient’s Lifestyle

If the recipient leads an active lifestyle or works with their hands, the choice of ring is very important. Choose a low-profile setting, one that offers protection for the center stone. There is a high likelihood the person will catch the ring as they go about their normal activities. This setting helps protect it from damage.

Metal Options

Many people choose gold for an engagement ring simply because they think that is the standard choice. Consider all options when designing this ring. Silver, platinum, and titanium are other good choices. When making a selection, consider the recipient’s skin tone and which metal will best complement it. In addition, think about their personal style. What metal do they prefer? Other jewelry pieces they own will be of great help in determining this.

Quality First

Many people look at the size of the stone and think that is the most important thing. This ring is meant to last a lifetime, so go for quality over size. Choose the highest-grade center stone within the budget. This is one decision that won’t be a regret later in life.

Purchase Additional Insurance

Many people don’t realize a standard insurance policy often doesn’t cover custom pieces. When purchasing this piece, reach out to the insurance company and see if a separate rider or policy is needed to protect the ring.

Things to Avoid

People often assume they won’t pay more for a custom ring, only to be shocked when they see the price tag. This extra cost is for the design labor. In addition, avoid buying a trendy ring. Choose one that will remain fashionable for a lifetime, as that is how long the ring will be worn. When designing the ring, consider platinum for the band. It holds up well to daily wear.

Request a GIA or AGS grading report for any stones used in the ring. This ensures the quality of the stones. Finally, let the recipient have a say in the ring design. Doing so ensures they will love the finished product.

Many people think the engagement ring should be a surprise. It doesn’t have to be. The proposal can be a surprise, but they should have a say in a ring they will wear every day. With input from both parties, this ring will be the perfect symbol of the relationship, which is what every engagement ring should be.

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