June 24, 2024

Tips on Drinking Safely to Ensure You Enjoy Your Drink

Alcohol safety is one of the most often discussed topics, with safety precautions recommended by companies like Spirits of France to avoid unpleasant events such as drunk driving and other alcohol-related crimes. It’s also crucial to ensure that people’s health isn’t harmed to the point that the damage control stage has passed long before there’s any possibility of a cure. What begins as a casual custom must not become an addiction that leads to significant consequences such as severe illness or death. Below are some helpful tips to have in mind if you’re trying to cut back on alcohol and be safe.

Avoid The Wheel If You’ve Had a Bottle

Being behind the wheel while drunk is illegal. Abac of 0.00 (zero!) It is required for the learner (l) and probationary (p) drivers. You need to understand that there is no such thing as a safe level of booze when about to drive. The lot of liquor you consume can make you be involved in a car accident involving another individual, not just yourself. Instead of driving while inebriated:

  • Before you go out, think about how you’ll get home.
  • Decide who will be the ‘designated driver’ with your pals.
  • Make sure you have enough money beforehand for a taxi ride home.
  • Take advantage of public transportation.

Always Eat Something Before Going Out

On an empty stomach, you’ll get intoxicated quickly, which can be helpful but potentially dangerous; also, if you need to throw up, you’ll need something to puke upon. Carbohydrates are ideal before, during, and after a night out.

Keep an Eye on the Drink Count

Count every glass you empty, whether it’s glass or glassless. When you realize you can’t count any longer, that’s when you’ve got to stop. Stop for your health and the safety of others. You can also seek assistance from the bartender, who will assist you with the number of beverages you have ordered.

Drink Plenty of Water in Between Sips 

Want to drink with your friends but are too drunk? Replace your empty glass with a non-alcoholic beverage (such as a cocktail) or even water. Between drinks, always drink a glass of water. Don’t be embarrassed; you know your limits and need a break, and your buddies will most likely be too intoxicated to notice.

Pick Your Liquor Friends

Anybody you just met as your blind date is not the best kind of drinking mate to take you out with when you’re attempting to be a cautious drinker that night. On a safe night, try to have a trustworthy friend or partner as your drinking companion.

Know the Premise

You should know all there is to tell about where an intoxicated person is drinking as a responsible friend. Exit doors, bathrooms, and emergency stations are all nearby and quite handy in an emergency. Knowing where you’re going and what options you have for keeping safe is what responsible fun is all about.


Let your buddies know while they are sober if you want the Spirits of France night or don’t want to get too drunk. Drunk buddies will almost always try to persuade you to drink, so set some ground rules ahead of time.

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