May 19, 2024

Who Has The Most Bitcoin?

Ever since its inception almost 14 years ago, bitcoin has been distributed throughout the globe and is now stored in multiple wallets around the world. Ranging from individuals, public and private entities, and even governments, there are multiple holders who have acquired large amounts of bitcoins. Learn more:

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Top Bitcoin Owners Around The World

Large bitcoin holders who own around 1000 or more bitcoinsare known as whales. These are the individuals or groups that directly or indirectly control and affect the bitcoin market to a certain extent.

Santoshi Nakamoto

Estimated at a value of holding around 1.1 million BTC, Santoshi is one of the biggest whales in the bitcoin world. Santoshi was not a founder of bitcoin, but he was also one of the first miners, and so held a large number of coins since its inception. However, Santoshi’s estimated stash is stored across 22000 accounts around the world. There has been minimal activity on his account. Traders and analysts are always curious about Santoshi’s next move and how it might affect the bitcoin market.

The Winklevoss Twins

After settling disputes and gaining a fortune from rival Mark Zuckerberg, the Winklevoss twins decided to invest a huge amount of their earnings into crypto assets. The Winklevosstwins reportedly own around 70000 BTC and have further invested in multiple businesses through their crypto assets. Apart from bitcoins, they have also invested in other types of cryptocurrencies and continue to do so even today.

Tim Draper

Known for his early investments in skype and tesla, venture capitalist Tim Draper first invested in the crypto world in 2012. This was followed by an even larger purchase two years later which was worth approximately $18.7 million. While he must have purchased more varying cryptocurrencies later on, he already made the cut by owning a significantly high number of bitcoins.

Michael Saylor

Owner of Microstrategy, the Bitcoin maximalist Michael Saylor owns approximately 17732 BTC and is actively purchasing bitcoins even when the market is rapidly fluctuating.

Unknown Entities

Apart from these known owners and billionaires, there are multiple unknown entities also who own thousands of bitcoinsin single or multiple addresses and are still anonymous. Based on these strong holders and their massive holdings, the Bitcoin market is highly unpredictable, as a significant move by any of them might lead to disruptions in the market.

Governments Holding The Most Bitcoin

Governments across the world hold approximately 259,870 BTC which represents almost 1.23% of the total Bitcoinsavailable. Topping these charts is the government of Bulgaria followed by Ukraine and many others. While the US government cashed out a huge chunk of bitcoins available from the Silk Route recovery, it still holds a cache of approximately 70000 BTC that it might sell shortly.

Private And Public Companies

Collectively, public companies around the world hold approximately 216,038 BTC with Micro strategy being the biggest holder as compared to other public companies. Second, in line is Tesla Inc followed closely by Galaxy digitalholdings. In total, a group of 10 public companies hold approximately 200,000 BTC from the estimated total of 21 million BTC in the world.

Private companies own roughly 174,068 BTC out of the total lot with a Chinese corporation heading the private companiescharts.

Total Bitcoins In The World

All the bitcoins in the world are capped at 21 million coins. Therefore, any percentage of bitcoins owned by anyone in the world can be calculated against a hard cap of 21 million coins. However, most analysts often prefer to discount SantoshiNakamoto’s stash of 1000000 coins and discount them from the whole lot. Additionally, 3 to 4 million coins are discounted as they are potentially lost forever.


As conclusion, the top individuals and companies in the world who hold large stashes on Bitcoins are able to control the Bitcoin market to some extent. Through their decisions to sell or keep, they can easily disrupt and fluctuate cryptocurrency’smarket prices, causing great turbulence.

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