June 24, 2024

5 Ways of Improving Essay Writing Skills with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has entered our daily lives without warning. For decades, it has been just a sci-fi idea. Now, AIs help to solve numerous tasks, such as coding or content writing. Still, AI language models are imperfect. 

The help of authentic professionals is still needed in responsible writing. For example, people can look for essay pro reviews and choose the assistance they need. Despite certain limitations, AI language models can be used to improve one’s writing skills. 

This article overviews how students can write essays better with the help of AI and improve their overall writing skills. 

What is Essay Writing? 

Essay writing is a complex term that includes more than simply hitting the necessary word count. A student must develop a relevant topic and support it with sufficient evidence to make the essay valuable for its readers. 

Generally, we can distinguish the following essay writing steps: 

  • Coming up with an idea;
  • Doing the research;
  • Writing a draft;
  • Outlining;
  • Proofreading;
  • Formatting. 

Some of the essays omit specific steps. The other requires additional inclusions such as scientific data and actual research. Yet, the general plan for most of the essays includes provided steps. More importantly, AI language models can help at each step of the essay writing process. 

Bringing Relevant Topic 

You define an essay before you start writing it by choosing its topic. In most cases, professors and teachers will assign respective essay topics or provide a list. Yet, there are instances when you need to come up with an idea of your own. AIs can help to develop a good topic. 

An excellent essay topic has the following characteristics: 

  • Relevance;
  • Clarity;
  • Originality;
  • Engagement. 

When tackling a particular problem, you must choose something relevant to the given issue. It should be clearly defined and not explicitly researched beforehand. Finally, your readers should be interested in the stated topic. 

It may sound complex at first glance. Yet, you may prompt these criteria to an AI language model, and it will provide you with a list of possible topics. A topic search may take some time and require several corrections of the prompts. Still, AI language models can make the process easier and direct your stream of thoughts in the right direction. 

Doing Research 

This step is the most challenging part for the AI. Due to the nature of its creation, AI language models often provide biased and unchecked information. AI bots creators warn users that chats can give wrong information and make mistakes. Therefore, when you research with the AI, the rule of thumb would be to double-check everything the bot suggests. 

Still, AI can be useful for scientific research, too. You can ask for relevant names, dates, and prior research. AI language models can give you general direction in which you can do the search and narrow the scope. At the initial stage of essay writing, it is crucial and saves a lot of time. 

Create a Draft 

Essay drafting may be the most creative part of the whole process. There is no single right way to make drafts. Each person does it uniquely. You can start writing from start to finish, like an actual essay. 

You can withdraw from the body and then move to the conclusion or introduction. Alternatively, you may just write down everything that comes to mind related to the topic and then structure it into something coherent. 

AI chatbots can help streamline this process and offer you an alternative point of view. In the drafting process, AIs can become valuable companions who evaluate your ideas and can build upon them.

Moreover, more advanced AI chatbots remember the context of the conversation and suggest ideas and corrections on what you have already discussed. Yet, you should be cautious. You must not use sentences and paragraphs that AI generates. These pieces of text easily trigger plagiarism checkers and may spoil your work. Therefore, you should use your wording for ideas that AI creates. 

Make an Outline 

You can write an outline before or after the draft, which suits your style better. It is better not to skip this step: an outline is an excellent tool for structuring your thoughts. You can ensure consistent transitions between the ideas and plan the word count for each paragraph. 

The general outline looks like an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Yet, you can make it more complex by defining the topic sentences and main arguments. AI chatbots can help you to define these topic sentences and create these key sentences. Once again, you should be attentive to what bots produce and use their texts only as a reference and not direct usage. 

Proofread the Essay 

Despite the versatility, it is hard to trust actual writing to chatbots. While they can deal with small pockets of information, they cannot provide consistent texts. Due to technical limitations, AI chatbots lose the essay thread, provide irrelevant information, and make texts highly plagiarised. Therefore, the actual writing should be on you. 

Yet, once the essay is done, you can ask an AI chatbot to proofread your text. It can help with grammar, point out awkward sentences, and increase overall readability in case of any issues. Still, you should not copy the text directly because AI touch may jeopardize your work, even in proofreading. 


Formatting may be the least practical part where you can use AI writing bots. A professional academic writing service would be better if you need good formatting. For example, EssayPro review provides such assistance and will format your essay professionally. AIs fail to grasp the correct formatting standards and may give you disappointing results. 

Bottom Line

AI language models have become great helpers in various writing tasks. It is especially evident in essay writing. Students can use AI bots in numerous ways. Generating ideas, proofreading, and searching for information – everything becomes more manageable with a powerful AI language model.

Still, AI writing bots are inferior to professional writing services in actual writing and formatting. If you need high-level assistance, you should turn to authentic writing experts. 

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