May 23, 2024

Are PVC and Silicone the same material?

Although the clothing industry generally refers to wholesale label woven or embroidered patches or wholesale leather patches. Rubber labels can make the appearance of your fashion products colorful, wavy, fun, and almost indestructible.

PVC material is not silicone material. They are two different materials. PVC label material, the full name is Polyvinylchloride, the main component is polyvinyl chloride, and other materials are added to improve heat resistance, toughness, flexibility, and so on. The top layer of this surface film is varnish, the primary material in the middle is polyvinyl chloride, and the lowest layer is adhesive backing.

Silica gel (silicone) material is a high-activity adsorption material, an amorphous substance. Its chemical formula is mSiO2┬ĚnH2O; it does not react with any sense except solid alkali and hydrofluoric acid, is insoluble in water and any solvent, and is non-toxic and tasteless. Chemically stable.

In short, What is a PVC Label?

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride. When compared to Silicone labels, PVC is less malleable and slightly cheaper. Glad to know that these labels are recyclable.

What is Silicone Label?

Silicone labels are less toxic than PVC labels. It’s easier to shape; therefore, you can achieve a lot of detail in small labels. These labels are also recyclable.

The distinction between PVC rubber and silicone gel

Different materials: PVC materials belong to everyday materials and environmentally friendly materials, also known as ATBC-PVC, while silica gel can be certified by ROHS, which is environmentally friendly.

Different in the process: PVC products are made of polyvinyl chloride and oil together with color paste, and the raw material is made by heating and cooling microinjection epoxy process. But silica gel only needs to use silica gel to add color masterbatch to press and spread in the mixing machine, then put into the mold by heating and cooling to take shape.

Different in character: Silicone products are more cold-resistant and heat-resistant than PVC products.

Outwardly different: From the appearance, PVC products are rougher than silicone products. Silicone products have smooth and glossy surfaces.

Different in touch: According to the hand feeling, soft silicone products have good toughness and elasticity, while PVC soft rubber is relatively less hard. Softness and hardness are both adjustable, but PVC lacks ductility.

Different in combustion: Silica gel products are generally transparent, with a slight burning odor and powder, while PVC products will turn black after burning and have a bad smell when burning.

Differs in cost: The price of raw materials for PVC products is low, and they are made of synthetic materials. Silicone is dearer than PVC merchandise in production.

The higher variations show that silicone is safer than PVC, which is preferred and appropriate for food and medication materials. On the other hand, PVC products have a more significant price advantage and more ideal as promotional gifts and other materials. Therefore, choosing a safe and reliable PVC manufacturer that does not add harmful substances to your PVC products is essential.

PVC and silicon labels for fashion brands

An alternative to traditional labels, such as wholesale woven label and hangtags, are Silicone and PVC labels. PVC and Silicone labels are excellent products when you want to enhance the appearance of your products and are widely used in high-end products. The wildest colors and designs can differentiate your brand from the mass market. This label has an advantage not only because of its appearance but also because of the material’s durability. Waterproof, washable, and very flexible.

PVC labels & patches are ideal for outdoor wear, bags, sports jerseys, and industrial wear for apparel and outdoor wear, such as canvas, vinyl, and many other materials. They are also ideal for clothing products. Such as swimsuits, snow jackets, and backpacks. They can match many weather-resistant products as well.

Both PVC labels and stickers and silicone polymer labels belong to rubber labels. In addition, they look the same but are different. PVC labels have different grades. You can choose soft PVC labels if you want to customize rubber labels for outdoor work clothes or baby clothes.

How can you benefit from rubber brand labels?

Branding your products is integral to building customer loyalty and authentic relationships with those who buy your products. However, when branding using a logo, you have to ensure that whatever you do is durable and eye-catching. Custom PVC labels or custom silicone stickers are a common choice today.

All our labels can be fully customized with your brand and easily sewn onto several products, such as outdoor clothing, footwear, hats, or pet products. Better yet, the production costs of rubber labels are meager, even in small quantities, which means they are the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. Contact our team today to find out more and discuss which rubber label is best suited for your product. Our contact details are here.


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