May 23, 2024

Canada Gift Basket Themes & Ideas

Canada Gift Basket Themes & Ideas

As special occasions, holidays, and birthdays arise you may be conflicted. Well, no need to be! In this article, we will be covering great gift basket themes and ideas for any occasion! This website provides great gift baskets for Canadians. They provide one day shipping and no duties throughout all of Canada! In this article, a list of a few themes and gift basket ideas will be covered!

 Spa Day Gift Baskets


Spa Rose Gift Basket For Women

This beautifully packaged pink basket has all the spa essentials. The basket includes shower gel, bubble bath, body butter, hand soap, hand cream, body lotion, bubble bath, bath bombs, bath salt, and a bath puff. The perfect basket that offers premium relaxation! This basket is only $119.99.


Relaxing Retreat – Spa Gift Basket

This is an alternative spa gift basket that they offer. The basket comes with bath salts, almond soap bar, bubble bath, body wash, a puff, pumice stone, bath slippers, a massage roller, a loofa, a bath sponge, and a bath pad. This is another great option for a spa gift basket. This basket comes out to a total of $149.00. 

Junk Food Lovers Basket

Candy Comfort

This basket is any candy lover’s dream! The basket has candy corn, Reese’s mini peanut butter cups, Razzle’s, Dots, Fun Dip, Nerds, Sunkist Fruit Snack, and Starbursts. Wrapped in a beautiful package with a nice bow. You can’t go wrong with this one! The basket is currently on sale for $64.75. 


Chocolate Times – Gift Basket

This insanely packed basket comes with a wide array of different chocolate goodies. The basket contains approximately 15 chocolatey delicious snacks. The basket includes: milk chocolate caramel bites, Laura Secord fudge, Godiva truffles, Chocolate biscotti, chocolate wafers, and much more. This is the ultimate chocolate gift basket for any chocolate lover. Get your sweet tooth ready for this one! With over 15 chocolatey snacks this basket comes out to $225.00.


The Perfect Baby Shower Basket

Time for Baby

This adorable little basket is the perfect gift for a baby shower! The basket includes all sorts of toys and necessary items. This basket is also customizable. It can be made for both a boy and a girl. This basket is a cute and thoughtful gift for any baby shower event! The basket comes out  to a total of $129.99.

Sports Lovers Basket


Sports Fan

This basket is ideal for all sports fans. It comes in a sports themed basket. It comes with all the necessary items to enjoy watching sports from the comfort of your couch. Some of the snacks include: spicy snack mix, maple almonds, marinara pasta chips, bread crisps, peanut brittle, and much more. This basket comes out to a total of $95.00. 

To Conclude

These are just a few ideas for some great gift baskets you can purchase. If you’re struggling to know exactly what you’re searching for there are many websites that offer some great ideas for additional basket themes. There are also some things one should consider before buying a basket which you can check out here. Happy shopping!

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