June 24, 2024

How popular are online casino streamers?

How popular are online casino streamers?

Streaming online is one of the most popular forms of entertainment nowadays. The majority of online activities have become interesting for streamers. The online casino sector is not an exception to the rule here. Streaming in an online casino is a live broadcast of the game process. There are dozens of casino games in the Polish gambling market in which gamblers are interested because they want to know something new and look at how professionals act in different situations. 

In Poland, gamblers receive more and more opportunities and resources to immerse themselves in the casino world. One of the most popular online requests among Polish casinos adherents is “wypłacalne kasyna internetowe OnlineCasinoProfy.” There they can play their favorite games and choose which of them are the best for following online. Online casino streamers know these statistics and choose casino events with the highest rating. At the same time, streamers are those who influence the preferences of gamblers online. So, what do Polish casino streamers do, and who are the most popular? Let’s clarify.

Who are the streamers?

Gamblers who are well-versed in online slot machines and online casino games shoot and post video streams online. While playing, they accompany the game process with comments, talk about their game strategies, and chat in a separate section where they provide answers to the followers’ questions. When broadcasting live streams, gamblers always try to demonstrate their face since emotions are very important during the game, and they make the streaming process more exciting for the viewers. However, sometimes streamers threaten their budget since their play does not always lead to a win. But often, they sacrifice their income in order to demonstrate various possible scenarios of the game.

The development of online casino streaming in Poland

Polish casino streams are exciting not only to the residents of Poland but worldwide as well. The casino market there may offer powerful gamers who won the most prestigious casino tournaments. Hence, they have enough to tell about and demonstrate. As a result, such streamers have huge followers base from different corners of the world. The creation of the Twitch platform has become one of the first triggers for online streaming development. Beginning in 2018, gamers started to pay attention to this platform. But online casino streaming in Poland was not popular enough until 2021. The prolonged pandemic and lockdown have contributed to this as well since a general interest in online casinos has drastically increased.  

Popular casino streamers in Poland

A great contribution to the development of online casino streaming was made by some Polish players who broadcast their play online to thousands of followers. Among the most popular streamers, it’s possible to mention the following:

  • DeuseAce – he is a remarkable Polish streamer of slot machines who managed to attract the attention of hundreds of thousands of followers. Each stream has more than 5,000 views. And this stats is continually increasing. DeuseAce managed to win significant amounts from online casino streaming, but slot machines remain preferable for this gambler. 
  • Izak (Piotr Skowyrski) – this person is a renowned person in cybersport streaming. His teams are very popular on YourTube and Twitch. The number of active subscribers outreaches 1.5 million. The majority of cybersport events want him to be a commentator at their events. 

The other popular names of Polish casino streamers include Jay, a.k.a., Xayoo, Ewroon, Kaxis, Angela35, etc. However, it is difficult for them to reach the level of DeuseAce since his ratings are at the top. 


Online casino streaming in Poland is becoming more popular since the number of those interested in online gambling is increasing. These streams bring advantages for streamers, viewers, and casino providers. That is why the adherents of the Polish gambling market may expect the appearance of new streamers because there are more of those who would like to share their experience and become popular online. 


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