May 23, 2024

How to Sell an Old Bike from a Different City? 7 Important Checklists that you Need

Buying a second hand bike is common in cities, and it is very affordable and convenient for commuting. Even if one has a four-wheeler, the demand for using a two-wheeler has never fallen apart. If you are a seller, you can sell your bike to a genuine buyer. There are a few processes that need to be followed for an effortless practice. Bike sell at a reasonable price are a matter of concern for many, and often the location changes limit the selling option for the seller. To sell an old bike at an excellent price, you need to follow its specific protocols. 


There have been 2 decades of the growth of technology shrinking or surging. By then, the ease of selling a used bike had changed from time to time. From possibly no way other than ending up at a dealer. They tend to dupe with money and papers. Gone are those days; now things are incredibly different. You can get the best deals from other states in India to sell used bikes. 


Choosing a genuine platform like, for example, CredR will help you to sell 2 wheelers from different locations. Your motorcycle will be evaluated, and the best price will be offered. Sell your bike online to hundreds of enthusiastic customers for better deals at the best prices.  


What are the Documents required for Inter-state Bike Ownership Transfer?


When you choose to sell your two-wheeler online, many more paper documents need to be taken care of. All you have to do is follow the process and know what is to be done for smooth functioning. It includes;


  1. NOC from the RTO
  2. Tax Clearance Certificate
  3. Registration Certificate
  4. Pollution under Control Certificate 
  5. PAN Card
  6. DOB
  7. Transfer of Ownership Form 


In addition to this, a valid identification with a perfect, valid proof of address and two photographs must be required while the form is completed.


How does the bike Ownership process take place?


While you choose to transfer ownership of the bike to a different state, it is a two-way process. To sell a scooty or sell my scooty, both buyer and the seller need to be involved in the procedure. It is in a process requiring submitting all necessary documents mentioned above. To make your process to second hand scooty in Pune easy, certain processes involved are mentioned below;


Step 1

You need to submit the transfer application. The seller needs to submit the duly completed transfer application to the RTO, which is to be in the name of the new owner. 


Step 2

Once the documents are handed over to the new buyer, the seller must be well accustomed to the paperwork and hand over all the necessary documents in time. 


Step 3

The intimation RTO must be processed, and the sale must be intimated to the RTO by the seller and the buyer as soon as the documents are transferred. 


As the inter-state used bike transfer process, the information must be offered within 45 days of such transaction. Additionally, the concerned authority will be informed of the transfer within 30 days before completing the transaction of documents. 


Can I ride a bike without a bike ownership Transfer? 


The law is stringent; if you are riding without a bike ownership transfer and get caught by the police, a penalty of INR 2000 is levied on you. It is mandatory to complete the procedure while driving to avoid penalty issues. 


Non-completion of the used bike transfer’s ownership will attract another penalty of INR 2000. This is levied if the insurance policy expires and has not been transferred to the new rider. Transferring the insurance policy is very important under the Motor vehicles Act. 


To conclude, to sell scooty online or sell scooter online, you no longer have to wait and waste your time. You don’t need to get lucky either; the top brands like CredR offer to sell bike in 30 minutes to get phenomenal benefits as you sell bikes online. With the auto experts’ best price and bike evaluation, you can sell your bike instantly. CredR – Your Most Trusted Two-Wheeler Brand takes complete responsibility where you can sell the used bike at an affordable price. The documents are done with ease to give you a hassle-free experience. The brand’s customer support is eager to provide all necessary information and solutions to the customer issues. 

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