June 24, 2024

Why Escape Room Gift Cards Are Perfect For Any Occasion

There is no end of ideas when it comes to gift cards. 

From yearlong promotions to seasonal gift ideas, and from vouchers issued by e-commerce corporations like Amazon to those on offer by retailers like Target – you have numerous options when looking for gift card ideas for your family members, relatives, friends, coworkers and other loved ones.


If you want to make the gift meaningful and leave an impression on those you’re giving it to, the escape room gift card hits the nail.

In this blog post, we will see what makes escape room gift cards such a thoughtful and memorable present.

Think of a birthday gift card

Let’s take up an all too common occasion – birthday parties for 10 year olds.

You can give them all kinds of gift cards…but if you really want them to be wowed like they’ve never been, think this scenario – the birthday boy/girl is transported right into the middle of Alice’s Wonderland, where they have to stop the Queen of Hearts from taking over the land.

Or, they find themselves in the middle of a magical jungle, where they have to figure out what’s happening and how to get out.

Those are the scenarios that a VR escape room at Entermission Melbourne would pit the birthday child and their friends against.

Now, would that be a birthday they remember or what?

Ideal for adventure and thrill-seeking friends and family

We all have those relatives and friends who look forward to diving into exciting and maybe spooky experiences.

Now, how would they feel if you gifted them an experience where they have to uncover what happens inside a haunted hotel room, or seek an escape route from Riker’s Island?

That’s exactly the scenarios on offer at BrainXcape Escape Rooms NYC.

A date with a special someone?


An escape room makes for a great way to deepen the bond with your special person. Working together to unravel a mystery, encouraging each other to solve puzzles and find clues and supporting each other through a heart-pounding game – few things will establish a relationship like that.

And you could make it an even more special occasion by buying a gift card and offering it to them.

A gift option not confined by age or experience

Escape rooms are for everyone.

Granted, some specific games may be unsuitable for young children (for example, very scary ones or ones with adult themes), and some may be a little difficult for first-timers…

But the vast majority of escape room games can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, regardless of age or level of experience.

Which makes escape room gift cards a great idea for almost anyone you want to send a present to.


So, the next time you’re racking your brain for a unique gift that can be enjoyed by all, consider escape room gift cards. 

Whether it’s for an immersive VR experience backed up by hand-tracking or an equally immersive real-world adventure in a physical escape room, they’re sure to provide an unforgettable adventure.

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