April 18, 2024

Caring for Cushion-Cut Diamond Jewelry

If you have just purchased a Rare Carat cushion cut diamond ring, you may already be pondering over how to care for your precious acquisition.

Diamonds are the hardest gemstones which means they are almost entirely resilient to scratches but the same cannot be said about chipping.

Moreover, the accumulation of grime under and around the gemstone can even make a Rare Carat radiant cut diamond lose some of its brilliance. So continue reading to know everything there is to maintain your gorgeous ring and jewelry in top condition.

When it’s best to leave your jewelry with Rare Carat diamonds back at home!

Exposure to certain chemicals and abrasive materials can dull the facets of the gemstones causing them to lose their striking shine. So, it would be best to take off your diamond ring when tackling these everyday chores and activities

·    Cooking: The acid in citrus juices, the tannins in teas and fruits, and other natural colors like the deep yellow of turmeric can gradually coat the facets of gemstones, making them appear dull.

·    Cleaning: Acidic and alkaline chemicals as well as pine and other essential oils in cleaning products can be just as bad for diamonds and precious metals.

·    Swimming: Chlorine used in pools and the combination of sand and saltwater at the beach can take away the impressive shine of your Rare Carat radiant cut diamond jewelry.

·    Self-care: Oils, chemicals, exfoliants, and fragrances used in moisturizers, creams, and other skincare and hair care products will dull the surface of even the most brilliant Rare Carat cushion cut diamonds.

·    Working out: Any kind of strenuous physical activity will make you sweat, which will flow down towards your extremities carrying along dead skills cells, sebum, and bacteria. This grime quickly gets lodged around and under the gemstones in rings and bracelets

Over time, the buildup can hamper the diamond’s ability to reflect light. Also, repetitive movements and jerks can loosen the setting while bumps can bend the prongs, which can cause the gemstone to come loose and fall right off the set.

How should you clean your Rare Carat cushion-cut diamond jewelry?

While diamonds are hard to chip and even harder to scratch, the accumulation of dirt, chemicals, and grime can mar their ability to allow light to pass through the various facets.

Fortunately, regular cleaning is all it takes to tackle this problem. Here are two ways in which you can clean your Rare Carat diamonds:

1. Hand cleaning: Use a few drops of mild dish wash soap mixed with warm water and a soft bristle brush to clean in and around the gemstones. Do not apply too much downward force and do not scrub too hard as this can damage the setting. Also, never use detergent or detergent laced dish wash soap to clean your Rare Carat diamonds.

In fact, the milder the soap the better. Once you are done gently scrubbing to remove the grime around the gemstone, wash the jewelry under running water to remove the soap completely.

2. Ultrasonic cleaning: If you haven’t been cleaning your Rare Carat radiant cut diamond jewelry as regularly as you should, you may need the help of an ultrasonic cleaner. However, the sound waves can weaken/damage the setting. So, it is best to not go overboard with machine-assisted cleaning.

How often should you clean your Rare Carat radiant cut diamond ring and jewelry?

 Typically, hand-cleaning your jewelry once a week will keep those brilliant Rare Carat diamonds looking as good as new.

Moreover, depending on how often you wear your diamond jewelry, you will also need to have the pieces professionally cleaned once or twice a year.

One of the advantages of professional cleaning is that the jeweler will not just clean the gemstone and the surrounding metal but will also check the setting to ensure its integrity and strength.

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